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Entry #195

London post-wrap up

1/21/13 by Luis

i have a few hours to kill and everyone's gone now so I figured I'd write a little something on the London meet this past weekend. London meet 9, man its still kind of hard to believe that its been going on that long. I felt particularly reflective this time around for some reason. It still strikes me as crazy to instruct people to show up at a particular place and have people actually do it. I'm always humbled by it and probably more so this time considering the large role the bad weather played.

Ah yes the weather, being dumped with an unusual amount of snow on the exact days of these events made for something memorable. These things are planned so far in advance that its impossible to predict things like weather, riots, swine flu(?), yes all those popped up during one of these london meets. Nonetheless, it was relieving and flattering to see how many people still made the effort to come out. Hell even liljim managed to make a cameo appearance, and he HATES london.

I can only wonder how large of a group it would have been if the weather hadnt wrecked some peoples plan's. Even with the shit weather, i think we hovered around 30 people. It did feel alot more relaxed this time around, which was nice. Usually I'm on pins and needles trying to figure out when to displace people out of Namco / or whatever. This year, we were there for quite some time and even managed to not ever make it to part 2 of the event. People were comfortable and everyone seemed at ease. I got to speak with alot of people for a change, and at great length. Its particularly interesting to see how sensitive people are to the goings on of newgrounds and how interested and concerned they are of its health, its role in the creative community and its plans for keeping itself in the creative fiber of animation and game development. While I couldnt answer every question and some answers were my own assumptions and opinions, its good to see how aware people are.

Some other memorable events included finally meeting my arch rivals the VF twins, Markus and Tommy. They arent actually my rivals, we just always have gone back and forth and to finally meet them was sort of surreal. Particularly because they had made an animation about me they just submitted and wanted my live opinion on. That was a very unique gift/experience.

I think overall, this meet up ran itself. Very rare for that to happen, and just the simplicity of it all was something i'll have to keep in mind. I think at the end of the day people just like having a place to go and just hang out. Its not so much about the place or the activity, but the people. You'd think id have caught on to that by now but i always feel like i just learn that when I'm going home.

As for future meets, we'll see how it goes. I do have a TON of unfinished games I want to finally wrap up, i have some other html/web design stuff going on, and I'm just overall ready to be a creative force again. Just being able to beta test Jeff's and Tom's cathode raybots game is super motivating at wrapping up my 10+ projects.

Anyway TLDR, thank you London, thank you newgrounds community, thank you everyone that braved the shit weather and ill see u on the internets...


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amazing, you are you fan
fan club of luis hhahaa



Maybe some British people too
maybe some dutch
there's more Belgian people than me and damien, you know



We need an Antwerp meet or a Bruges meet.

2/18/13 Luis responds:

so itll basically be just you me and damien?



You missed a few days.



when are you going to start sending stuff again, I wish I could have got one of your used fork or something.



I'm still gutted that I couldn't make it. I can't even tell you how much I was looking forward to going to this meet before certain events tied up any free money I had. Hope you can make it back to the UK for another meet in the future :(

i'm posting here for free shit

wait so are you gonna die or not



Good golly, NG Meet: Boise Idaho edition!

Make it so!

A ton of unfinished games? Man, who would be dumb enough not to finish your games?!

1/22/13 Luis responds:

you watch it.



Now plan NG NY 2013. :P



On my way



Was really nice meeting you, Luis. You are a lovely person and I appreciate your work for and in the community that keeps so many people on their toes :) Cheers!

here's hoping that if there IS another meet, that it's stateside....



When is Cathode Raybots game coming out? :/



Man, I definitely want to go to a NG meet-up. Every time I read one of these posts about them they always sound like such fun. I'm glad this London meet was a success anyway.



The meet ups seem like such a fun time, I really hope I get to come to one of them someday. And I'm definitely anticipating your many projects, there hasn't been a Luis game in quite a while!

Looking forward to 2013