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UK Meet Part trois III

2008-02-26 22:51:13 by Luis

So as you may or may not know, i was in London in January to celebrate my birthday.. fun was had by all and all that. However that wasnt really the true UK meet which takes place every september/augustish.

This year is no different.. especially considering I have enough frequent flyer miles for a free flight. So the date for the London meet is August 30th 2008. I'll chime in later in the year about it but I thought since I didnt have anything new to report that I'd plug that in there.

I'm still debating wether I'll actually make this meet public in the General Forum. I've debated this many times but I think it might be due to introduce new personalities to the mix and show people the proper way to host an NG meet.

In other news I secured my hotel accomidations for Comic Con in San Diego so I'll be there in July.

I'm still iffy on wether there will be some sort of NY meet in April. We'lll SEE.

Oh and I'm in Montreal in March.. thats about it for NG public appearances.


March 22 - Montreal NG Meet

July 25, 26 - San Diego Comic Con NG Meet

August 30 - London NG Meet

January 2009 - Birthday / Australia NG Meet (?)

everyones doing it. Join tha sausage partayyyyyyyyyy


Took a short break.. now im back

2008-02-22 16:46:18 by Luis

Took a small break from the site... a pie-ate-us as Zekey would say...

In other news LazyMuffin is looking for Stamper.

Mindchamber died.

and so did Tom.

April married Sherbert.. and Bob hurt his toe.

and i just placed a bunch of links and a britney photo so this can rise on google search.. leave me alone

Took a short break.. now im back


2008-01-31 17:44:05 by Luis

Ok so I finally finished the mini-site regarding the DIY Munny Competition, you can go through it all in photos and other commentary.

Special thanks to Tom and his staff for letting me crash the NG office this past weekend.

Congrats to the winners. I'll be sending you a PM to get your details for your prize.

Thank you to everyone for participating! It was alot of fun.

*PS Tom has a Beard. Apparently its important to you people.


Updates and other shit

2008-01-30 22:47:46 by Luis

I was feeling very Marc M-ish... so i changed my userpage to match my mood.

In other news, I finally finished the mini-site for the London meet that took place two weekends ago.

You can browse through it here

I should have the minisite for the Munny Competition done this week as well... its about 90% finished.

Thanks to Tom and the staff for the warm reception this past weekend. It's good to catch up and get a better perspective of where Tom is going with the newgrounds thing.

Lastly, I'm heading out to the bahamas this weekend. Wasnt really planning on it but my sister won some radio contest and she needed someone who can go on short notice and im not one to pass on any excuse to go out of town lmao.

I WILL finally start on my pico thing when i return.

Oh that reminds me, check out Mindchamber's post regarding his pico day entry... it doesnt quite do it justice because its INSANE but its a good read and its cool that a fellow veteran is coming back to his roots.

k thats all for nowww

heres a pic from philly this past weekend.

caption: Me , Afro-Ninja, The-Swain, April Fulp, Tom Fulp and Senti

Updates and other shit

NG Munny Design Competition

2008-01-23 17:59:52 by Luis

So after a looooooong process it will finally come to an end this weekend.
Meeting up with Tom and his goons and we'll pick the 5 best of the letter and display all the rest at the NG office. I'll be sure to snag some photos of the event.

Thanks to everyone who participated and gave it a whirl. It really blew my mind how great these all turned out.

*PS The header is courtesy of AlmightyHans, while in London, everyone drew me pretty pictures for my birthday, I'll be cycling them in and out of my header/profile pic. This particular drawing actually got me in trouble in the customs area when i was trying to get back into the states.. NO JOKE.

'He was like... just what exactly is this supposed to mean.........'

ALSO... the-Super-Flash-Bros and Luka were kind enough to give me a how-to book on drawing yaoi for my birthday.... also got some wierd looks from the customs officer. I did promise them that I'd make some use out of that book in one of my future works... and i will.... what exactly i'll do i dont know.

Maybe yaoi Pico and Darnell??? lmao FUCKING PERVERTS.

NG Munny Design Competition

Back from London

2008-01-21 18:18:38 by Luis

Well im extremely jet lagged right now, but I felt it was necessary to write a few lines now that I'm back. A HUGE Thank you to everyone that showed up. This was an extremely memorable experience and I totally consider everyone that made it out a part of my family.
Special thanks to Tom of the SuperFlashBros for once again taking the helm.

I hope everyone had a good time and made it back home safe. It was one of the most bizarre, surreal, and special events I've ever been part of.

Thanks also to everyone who made a long trip in for it. AlmightyHans, Luksy, VonDark, NegativeOne, and pretty much everyone who made that humongous effort.

See ya at the next one.


ALSO thanks to everyone who showed some love on my birthday, I had no internet access but I plan to do some major catching up to do. Thanks Nogfish and everyone else



You are invited to my birthday party...

2008-01-15 20:30:17 by Luis

Well dunno how much of a secret this is.. but theres a uk meet going on in london on saturday.. which coincidentally is on my birthday. We're expecting about 20 people to come out. about 6 more than the meet last september. Should be interresstin...

Ok im off to pack my bags.

If anyone wants to borrow my account and do some banningz let me know


You are invited to my birthday party...

100% Pretty Cool

2008-01-09 13:10:46 by Luis

I havent made a post in awhile.... i was due.

My Mershaq shirt finally arrived so i figured id plug it.

if you've never seen the movie here you go

It's weird that he spells mershaq differently on the shirt than on his movies... i wonder if thats a typo.

100% Pretty Cool


2008-01-04 19:49:02 by Luis

Well i LOVE typography... so naturally i enjoyed this music video... ignore the lyrics... especially if you speak french.... actually id be interested to know what the full translated lyrics are.

Excuse Moi?