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ey boss who is madness project nexus 2?

That's mostly Swain and Krinkels (like 95%), I'm supposed to work on their menu system at some point, I assume when its closer to release?

Happy new year bud!

Good luck on working menu system
ey boss can u spoil somethin? *HYPE*

I think I'd be pounded to death if i did spoil anything, plus i probably dont know anything to spoil that is recent.

*kill you*
thank you for co-operation

Dude just a question,since you are related with Project Nexus 2 on the main menu.I was wondering if you're also related with that game Johnny Utah and Tom Fulp are making ?

No, thats all tom/spazkid/johnnyutah. Heard it looks really good tho

seasonal depression is a real bitch. I pop vitamin D pills all day and it makes me feel less sad.

I heard you liek boyz.

Part of the reason i came back

be interested to see what you stir up this year, all the best with your endeavors. 2016 could be great for a lot of people on this website

I hope you draw many sharks this year and for years to come.

We miss you boss

Always good to see you around and up to something! I was just at your old place last night for a quick visit, how's the new place going?

Pretty good, the commute is a ton easier which was the main reasoning behind it, so i have to tell myself it was the right decision, its sometimes a little bit of a bummer leaving stamper and those guys after living with them for so long and finally feeling the chemistry in the house 'worked'. But hey you cant dwell on the what-ifs. Its not like i cant visit anyway so just gotta look at the positives.

Looking really handsome these days.

Dont embarrass me as soon as I get back here zach. -___-

Glad to hear you doing good Luis! Your too talented to not be busy!

I heard it was your bday recently happy bday!


Seasonal depression, of Seasonal Affective Disorder as its usually known as, is a real thing. I've had it and living in KY, I tend to deal with it once winter drags on ( part of the reason I want to move where its sunny more often).

I don't know where I'm going with that. Anyway, hope 2016 goes well for you Luis and look forward to the stuff you put out!

I still think being sick from not having enough sunlight is bullshit. but im no sun doctor.

Sounds like a stressful month. Hope this year is better for you! Still, it sounds like you've laid the groundwork for a good future!

This was way too optimistic!

good luck in the new year amigo :)

I luh you Luis <3


Oh god no

We should talk sometme. I'd PM you but you hate me so you banned PMing

i have it turned off actually, tho i do hate you, im on skype you know...

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