AOTM: Interview w/ AloneInTheDark

2008-04-03 20:07:35 by Luis

For anyone who hasnt caught on yet, once a month I interview fellow Flash artists/programmers in the scene. It's a fairly informal little Q&A session. I've been doing it for like a year now. I have just recently started posting 'em here as well. Enjoi!


Greetings, its the start of the month and that can only mean the launch of a fresh new interview. This month we feature Sean Montela, he goes by the alias AloneInTheDark on Newgrounds. As to not steal too much of his thunder, let me get the interview underway and let him fill you in on his details.

Luis: Hi Sean, how about you tell us who you are, how long have you been in the scene and how did you stumble upon Flash?

AloneInTheDark: I'm a 23 year old architecture student from Amsterdam. I've been working with flash since i was 17. Back in those days i used it to make simple websites. But after i discovered Newgrounds in 2003 I got inspired by the stuff i saw here and started using the program to create animations.

Luis: Do you have any siblings and are they into arty things at all? Do you have any family members in the creative industry? I always find it intruiging to find how peoples upbringings and environment may have played an influence on their creative tendencies... I mean to ask this in every interview but i forget to :P

My family is actually the most uncreative bunch of people imaginable. Nobody here really draws/paints or pees on canvases, but one of my best friends who i've been hanging with since i was 7 is a very talented artist. Back in the days he drew extremely realistic drawings with spot on shading for a kid. I learned a lot from him and we motivated each other to draw. I still have a Wolverine comic that we made together back then.

Luis: Aaactually speaking of environments, I was in Toronto a few months ago and I found it kind of refreshing how Flash had much more of a prescence and demand than it does where I live, like there was all these posted handbills of companies seeking flash creative work. Being that you live in Amsterdam (and the fact that I've never been there) what is the scene like over there?

AloneInTheDark: Well there is a good demand for people who are able with the program. There are a lot of web/graphic design companies that you can work for. The other day i had a job interview at an architecture agency and they even had a seperate team of photoshop/flash experts who made presentations and such for the firm. Also, there is this dutch guy who uses flash and is very respected in the avant garde art scene. His name is Hoogerbrugge, probably best known for his 'Hotel' series. On Submarine there is a nice overview of other notable dutch flash talent.

Luis: Ahh actually I've run into Hoogerbrugge's work by StumblingUpon it. I had no idea he was dutch. Anywho, I know you're not as active Flash wise as some of my past guests, however one of the things that I find intruiging about your work is that your work tends to explore subject matter that is unusual in the scene. Things like 'Autumn Tree' and even 'Alive' come to mind, where Flash becomes your personal soapbox to stand on and you are less concerned about appealing to a particular niche. What inspires you to tackle projects like those? I think alot of the reasons why artists dont stray to the unusual is because they fear that all their work will be in vain because people wont 'get it'... does that ever cross your mind?

AloneInTheDark: It's all a matter of where your priorities are. There are lot of animators who get their satisfaction out of the animating itself. For them, the idea and personal vision in making their shorts is less important, so they make things that are fun to animate and that are appreciated by a large crowd. There is nothing wrong with having this type of view on animation, as long as it is what you believe in. However, an artist should never let the public decide what stuff he is going to make. If for example an animator only makes animations based on video games, because that is what people want, then i think that's a pretty lame thing to do.

Luis: While I'm on the subject of 'Autumn Tree', what attracted you to work on such a contraversial subject matter? What sort of response did your audience have when you finally finished it? Was it a response that you anticipated or were you suprised/disappointed by what people thought about it?

AloneInTheDark: What interested me about the Columbine tragedy was the human aspect of the entire happening. So much has been said about it and what happened was terrible, but in the end it remains a story of 2 teenagers slipping away. Eric and Dylan weren't monsters or born evil. They were average kids living average lives in a boring town. I wanted to put emphasis on this aspect in the animation. I think these type of stories need to be told to let people form an opinion themselves about what happened. That is why i was very careful not to turn it into a melodrama and let the viewer sympathise with the killers or victims. It turned out rather bland and almost documentary like. I like that.
The response was actually more positive than i thought it would have been. I thought that a lot of people wouldn't get it and would think i was paying a tribute to Eric and Dylan but fortunately that wasn't the case. Many reviews were written and people all have their own views on the situation. That's all i could ask for really.

Luis: Fair enough. Ok, so earlier I touched on the subject of artists not wanting to stray too far from the norm. One of the hot subjects these days are artists feeling like their limelight is being eaten up by vast video game parodies and pop references. That the artistry behind animation is becoming ruined by artists who set out to spoil viewers with gimmicky forgetable flash movies. What is your take on the matter?
Do you think the outcry for change is valid? You've been around for many years now, do you see the scene changing?

AloneInTheDark: I don't think there is anything we can change. With the popularity of flash increasing, it is inevitable that the content of animation and games gets adjusted more to a mass audience. Especially since a lot of money can be made nowadays in the flash business. I do find it a pity, but that's the way it is. It's something that has happened during the development of cinema, music, gaming industry and television too.
However that doesn't mean that there is no room anymore for good original content. People will always enjoy to see an animation that's different from the norm, when it is made well. It's just harder to create such an animation when the obvious road to money and popularity is through simple parodies or used concepts.
The flash program itself is also becoming more and more professional. With the direct implementation of 3d techniques in the upcoming flash version the bar for animating and design will be raised dramatically. Online flash gaming also has a lot of potential and the business will only get bigger and bigger. I see the future very bright for the program.

Luis: I'm very wary of 3d.... but lets lighten the mood a bit... what interests do you have outside of flash?

AloneInTheDark: I love modern art and anything creative! I also like travelling and going out with friends. And like any other guy i'm also pretty interested in women and beer.

Luis: Speaking of outside interests, ok so I know your ultimate goal career-wise lies in architecture. I find that sort of unusual considering you have alot of potential in your flash work. What attracts you to the world of architecture anyway?

AloneInTheDark: What i love about architecture is the design process itself. It is actually very similar as to when i start making an animation. When I start an architectural project i analyse the context, start sketching and come up with a concept as to what the building should be. As i get further in the design process i focus from a broad perspective to the small details. I love using many different techniques, like making traditional drawings, scaled models, 3d renders and digital CAD drawings. When the building is designed and other people can see the qualities in it, that's something very satisfactioning.
The structured manner of thinking in architecture is something that i find really useful in the process of making an animation too.

Luis: To each his own brotha! So back to the Flash world. You finally wrapped up the first episode of Jinas near the end of last year, that's a rather gargantuan project you set out to create. Can you give us a brief run down of the series and where you are going with it, maybe what sort of things inspired you to persue it?

AloneInTheDark: The story itself is rather simple. It's basically a love story in many ways. Love for a special someone, love for friends and love for yourself. However cliche this may sound, I try to create characters that are very honest and real. They all have different sides to themselves and the situations they get confronted with during the series are never black or white. I want it to be humorous, but also confronting and thought provoking. A lot of my personal experiences have been a foundation for the series. Some of the personalities in the series are kind of the same as the ones of people close to me. It's a story i HAVE to tell.

Luis: Heres an easy question, we're a quarter of the way through 2008, what sort of things do you have in store for us this year?

AloneInTheDark: At the moment i'm working on a smaller side project. After each Jinas episode, i want to take the time to create some smaller stuff that has been in my head for ages. Right now it's an animation called 'Shaped Of Clay'. It's a rather dark animation about manipulation and perception. I hope to finish it this summer or something. After that, i want to make one more animation with Andres Ciambotti (co-author of Autumn Tree) before i start with episode 2 of Jinas.

Luis: Okay, last question.. if you were to disappear from the flash scene forever tommorrow what would you want your legacy to be?

AloneInTheDark: Well a fan club of blonde young women would be cool to have.


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If you or someone you know would be cool to be interviewed. Drop me a PM

AOTM: Interview w/ AloneInTheDark


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2008-04-03 20:15:30

Past Archived Interview Links are broken. =(

Luis responds:

Ahh your right. ok all fixed. Thanks :)


2008-04-03 20:25:17

you interviewed yourself?

Luis responds:

haha nah i knew SOMEONE would say that.. someone interviewed me and i just threw it in the mix.


2008-04-03 20:29:36

Never heard of the guy. Glad to see you are getting important work done at NG.


2008-04-03 21:15:10

Should I be angry or flattered that you lost my interview?

Luis responds:



2008-04-03 21:17:00

I love your AOTM interviews, it really puts into perspective that flash artists are people, and that they have goals and interests outside of flash.


2008-04-03 21:20:40

Your questions are definitely more in depth than my small interview with him, since my questions were just static pm messages (for the NG Mag).

I thought it would have been interesting to finish the interview with a live session with him when I visited Amsterdam... I'm still sadden that it didn't happen.

He's a solid character and highly creative individual, with a good heart. I do wish him the very best.

I'm glad that you started the AOTM, it really provides a inside look at who these artists, and with you behind it; with the live scene, its become what the NG Mag left off (in terms of devspots). I'm looking forward to more of these, and I hope your list isn't wearing thin!

On a sidenote, your 08' photos aren't linking anywhere (unless it isn't finished)

I recommend you guys and gals, to take a look into Aloneinthedark's movies, it may just spark a new perspective in you.


2008-04-03 21:22:34

Hey tell AITD I need him to go beat up Paul ter Voorde for me, or at least cripple him until I can get to Holland to finish the job myself.

I dunno why. I like Paul, but every Flash artist needs a good crippling from time to time.


2008-04-03 21:33:22

Since when can you post on the front page?


2008-04-03 21:52:12

luis i find you to be a very delicious morsal

i just wanted you to know that

Luis responds:

hello annie


2008-04-03 22:03:08

Sean is amazing.

Luis responds:

who are youuuu


2008-04-04 01:05:54

Interview MEEEEE!
that or interview Aeonstars or even Kiwifish


2008-04-04 01:30:02



2008-04-04 01:59:39

Interview BigFuzzyKitten that would be an interesting one.

Luis responds:

i was supposed to actually long long ago. just kinda forgot about it.


2008-04-04 02:16:12

Dude do u have a skype or something like that and this interwie rocks good work l can say.L signed on the art contest


2008-04-04 02:17:10

Do you have skype or something like that and awesome interwie l can say l cant belive that you interwie so much guys

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2008-04-04 04:11:54

I imagine the most tedious part of this was getting all the hotlinks in that post to work.

They need to add a "preview post" button.
Or maybe they already have it and I am blind.
I do not know.

Luis responds:

so true :(


2008-04-04 07:09:35

I read about half of it, and then I realized I hate reading.

In all for reals, though, interesting stuff. I enjoy reading these interviews, especially since the NG Mag interviews stopped like two years ago.

Luis responds:

ill try and condense the interesting parts into the first half of the interview next time


2008-04-04 09:58:08

coool interviews


2008-04-04 12:46:46

Pretty cool. Had know idea he was dutch. I feel proud. (The dutch shall take over NG. >:3)


2008-04-04 14:19:20

Belive it for all ha dude


2008-04-04 16:33:38

U do a lot of interviews did u type all that up ur self? And i like ur art style alot and i like a bunch of ur movies sooooooo keep up the good work.


2008-04-04 17:04:29

My favorite part was the end... y'know--when it was over. Also I liked the pic!


2008-04-04 17:33:17

Yo Lou, when is NG Sketchbook Tour 08? I totally messed up the last time and i wanna fade that memory away. And ive been too much absent on NG lately. Time to respark the NG spirit. And keep the interviews coming.

Luis responds:

havent decided. probably May.. i sorta dont want to do it this year cause im going out of town quite a bit over the summer :P


2008-04-06 17:45:57

Ok, do whatever that suits you this year. I will respect your choices no matter what, after everything youve done for us <3

Lmfao now i sound like a fucking suck up. Goddamn. Anyways good luck man haha.


2008-04-07 22:34:21

I like your user image, who made it?

Luis responds:

Mike Mitchel,


2008-04-09 15:04:46

you should interview me :)


2008-04-09 15:31:31



2008-04-09 19:36:05

O.O GOD i can't read all that >=[ too. . . . .many. . . . .words. . . .lol. . . .

Luis responds:

just click the links youll get a jist of the topics and people involved


2008-04-09 20:19:29

which links?the ppl lnks or the links in the interview?


2008-04-10 15:41:49

hmmmmmm . . . .

Luis responds:

links in the interview.. youll get the jist that the artist is dutch... what movies he's done.. and bla bla bla anyway whatever if you dont want to read it then dont.


2008-04-11 11:58:36

hey thax man.


2008-04-11 16:16:04

YO LUIS where can i get a bigger picture of your ice cream display image?

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2008-04-12 01:59:55

Did u like my paint drawed pico killing evrething dude tell me if u do and l think theres a cool guy that l know for interwies


2008-04-13 19:08:50

Nice interview, those things always entertain me. BTW, since you don't answer your PM's or have a working Contact me page up yet: on the animations part of the site, you are using wp-postratings. I'm guessing your using "[ratings]" to display the actual 5 star menu, but let me ask, how are you giving each one a unique id?
Also, keep up the good work.

Luis responds:

hullo... yeah uh i am on a massive backlog of my PM's if i dont recognize the name i usually just get to it when im in maintenence mode. The ratings thing i just edit each reference on the wp page.. its got an id attached to each... its pretty simple.

I'm not crazy about it but ehh it'll do.


2008-04-14 04:16:02

Interview Aeonstars


2008-04-14 15:28:09

Hey Luis, thanks for replying. Just one more question, on the animations page, that's just one post, right? Then all the animations inside witht he titles etc...etc... that's all manually added content inside the "Animations" post.

That's the only way I can see it, unless each individual animation is a post, and if thats the case, I dunno how you would go about doing that. (posting into another page like that).

Hope I'm not bugging you, but this is the last one, lol.

Luis responds:

pm me your msn / aim ... i dont want to have a whole different conversation on an unrelated post


2008-04-15 21:35:39

Interview Yotam Perel ( LazyMuffin )


2008-04-30 22:07:03

if you want to interview me, go ahead

i'm not famous or anything though so fuck that idea


2008-05-31 09:47:52

hey luis do u an account on youtube caled Luizprower?


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