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Summer of Sexy!

Posted by Luis - 1 month ago

I don't know what to title my posts anymore, its not even close to midsummer.

Anyways, here's a few updates for you!

Newgrounds Summer Festival 2021 June 25 - 27

Kind of a fun virtual hang-out thingie to get you through the summer. It's organized by @stanpai I'll be popping in here and there, I can't guarantee my level of sobriety but I should be around for the community panel on Friday (9pm est).

The Bike Slide Collab

I've teamed up with @snackers to throw together a short lil collab to explore the famous Akira bike slide. It's been referenced countless times in cartoons and other famous things so it seems like a fun easy going project to take a stab at it here on Newgrounds. There's a lively discord for it also, it's rare i share stuff I'm working on while I'm fixing it up, so I'm trying to get myself to get in the habit of doing that.


I'll probably get back into a game of some sort next month and get more serious about stuff.




Comments (16)

bring back Newgrounds meetups after 5+ year hiatus during a global pandemic? You do you, Luis

im shooing away pandemic in 2022

can't wait for a collab releasing, cool

Luis come to my panelshow, if you’re slightly drunk it probably helps with the atmosphere

whens that. I'm gonna try and goto as many as i can, within reason.

Sobriety is overrated, @snackers is great, the bike slide collab will be cool AF, looking forward to a new game, I hate everyone too much for meetups.

Oh cool!

@PegasuTV @Luis its Sunday 7:30, music panel going through a bunch of old Newgrounds sountracks, Tarboy, Weebl, FDA, maybe some Celine Dion just to mix things up

Luis and Snackers?
Now thats a kick ass combo

Why are there so many cartoons and anime that uses that scene? lmao


When is Luis Day 2021??? ?

You make Newgrounds whole man... just telling ya :D Heard anything from Sqeezy(Tim) in a while?

Ur sweet. I rarely talk to him but he will pop up randomly in my life and I’ve learned to appreciate that’s just the type of friendship we have. So I’m fine with it

@AudioMachina22 @Luis Thx. I've tried to contact him but I can't seem to reach him. Personally I've accepted that he doesn't write back... XD

Probably been almost 2 years since I last talked to him

@AudioMachina22 @Luis @Luis Ah, I imagined you two to be good friends. Thanks for clearing this out though. I wonder though what he up to... is he back to the animating business? He's clearly that art kind of guy, like you. Lol. A bit jealous :D:D:D

I have no idea. He’s a free spirit

@AudioMachina22 @Luis @Luis =3 Yesh.

How do you know Tim

@AudioMachina22 @Luis @Luis Long time ago in NG I saw a post that he made, which made me realize he digs Japan, which made me a Sqeezy fanatic. lol. and then I browsed more posts from him and my fan-kinda-love for Tim just grew deeper and deeper. I was confused and quite biased back then. I don't think I even liked myself then.

@AudioMachina22 @Luis @Luis Simply said, I was a rabid Sqeezy-fan. BTW, Sorry for being so informal. If that bothers you.