So today is luis day.. again...

2007-08-07 03:36:40 by Luis

For the record both of these luis day things sprung up without my knowledge.. i find these day themed things dumb but if people get really into em all the better for them to be creative. So yeah thats the disclaimer.

So yeah if you find any luis day entries let me know the titles so i can go look em up since you cant link things inside comments.. I'm gonna try and atleast look at all of em.

Althought this has gotten really silly.. maybe ill finish my movie today.

anyway THANK YOU. to anyone with enough boredom on their mind to actually throw something together.


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2007-08-07 05:32:07

second luis day of the year, cool, so whens the third one?


2007-08-07 10:51:24

Luis is the new black.

Luis responds:

brown is in this season.


2007-08-07 12:43:18

Third Luis Day is August 22nd.


2007-08-07 12:58:53

A SECOND Luis Day? Come on, isn't EVERYDAY Luis Day? :P


2007-08-07 14:26:55

3 ghost visited me to show me the true meaning of luis day.


2007-08-07 15:55:33

Luis Day again, I have a feeling you have a anti-luis day submission in store for us today :O ahah, guaranteed. You rebel.

Alright, well I don't know if you checked out mine, mine was Luis - Catch a Taco. Ahah, good luck Luis!


2007-08-07 21:50:50

Who the hell is Luis?


2007-08-08 01:25:02

Happy day, sorry I dinnent make nething. U R swell.