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Newgrounds in NYC @ Big Apple Con next week

Posted by Luis - May 26th, 2008

Next weekend NG will be in NYC at the Big Apple Con at the Penn Plaza Pavilion June 7th - 8th.

Come on out and meet:

- Tom Fulp aka The Beard

- April Fulp

- MindChamber, creator of P-Bot and Red Baron

- The-Swain Fulp, creator of Blockhead and Mastermind

- Krinkels Fulp, creator of Madness

- TomaMoto Fulp, creator of EgoCaptured

- LeftHandedSock, also creator of EgoCaptured

- Afro-Fulp, creator of Territory War

- NogFulp, creator of award-winning Pico: The Shitty Power

- Eric Black Fulp, creator of Marcus Peblo

- DarkShadowFulp8181, RWD Henchman

- Nathan Milburn Fulp Jr, creator of Everything's OK

- Bryce Milburn, creator of Yo Baby!

- mynamewontfitin, creator of Blueberry

- El-Presidente

- Senti

- Radioactive24

- Reyals

- EyeLovePoozy

- Tystarr

- Bob

- VespeneGas

- joeybang16

and others whom i forgot about! (sorry)

Come out buy some shit and support the site that has breastfed you all these years. There will be some stuff available for sale that isnt available at the store, so if anything you can go home knowing you are just a tad cooler than the rest of the users who cant go and will just sit at home and make masturbation topics in the general forum.

Anyway if you have never been to a comic con then you should try and make it out to one at some point in your life... theres always some unexpected things that come up. such as shooting people in the balls and declaring a flash-off with akshinskript 3.0.... and conversations about tentacle dicks.

Heres some highlights from past comic conz:

San Diego Comic Con 07

/* */
San Diego Comic Con 07

/* */
San Diego Comic Con 06

/* */




hahah lol

. if they gave autographs tom would have to write "to jose, from the BEARD"

p.s. lol why did you put a link to mindchamber in the word GOONS

I'll probably be there on the 7th. Should be fun.

Yeah balls.

General forum scares me <_<

I love watching stuff like that. NG Staff behind the scenes. I've seen your youtube stuff before (drawing tutorials etc) but I guess I must have missed these.

Dang, I wish I could attend.

Awh man, I can't be there this year.

Luis, your a witness of this right?
I hereby promise, to be at the next, BACon.

Nice videos.

do we need tickets?
or pay to enter?
how much?
i live in ny so i want to go

Its like 15 dollars and yes you need tickets. check the link

Woo for Akshinskript 3.0. Although I do feel sorry for the kid in a way embrassing himself infront of the entire Newgrounds Audience lol! Hopefully I'll try making it to the San Diego Comic Con just because it is 8 hours away.

Damn, wish I could join aswell.

But, you know why I can't! ;)

You know, if I wasn't a 17 year old with no job who lives in England. I would so come.

Why did nobody hit that kid?.

Are you guys going to be at Comic-Con San Diego this year? I get to go this year and it'd be awesome to meet you all and maybe (probably) buy a shirt or something.

Well some of the gang will show up under the behemoth booth.

They might possibly have the ugliest site that's been updated any time this year.

agreed. Its strange isnt it... their convention hovers around artists and talented creative types and their site is like 1940's

first video has the theme song of God of War no? **HOLD DEVILS POT OF TEA!!**

haha nie videos

hey how do you get FP posting?

I'll make it to one some point in my life like next year or the year after that

I've always wanted to attend comic con. Who knows, maybe this year will be it!

I'll see you there. :]

I wonder if EggfordTheEgg will be there. If he does... then looks like I'll have to make a sequel to "Ashkinscrip 3.0!" :D

If only I could attend and witness all the fun and Flash battle challenges for myself.

There will be many declarations of war at San Diego Comic-Con.

Akshinskript tree point oh.

What now Luis?

...What now.

dont tempt me ross.. you do not know what im capable of in crowded environments such as comic con!

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