NY Apple-con. aftermaths

2008-06-09 16:11:11 by Luis

I literally just got home, just wanted to say thanks to everyone that came out to show your support for the site. It was kind of a big gamble on Tom's part to step aside and see if we could pull it off this convention without him having to roll his sleeves up and I'm pretty happy to say that we held our own. I definately know that it could not have been made possible without the efforts of everyone behind the booth in particular. It's kind of a lame way of expressing thanks but you've all gained a HUGE amount of respect from me and im sure from newgrounds itself to not only getting yourself to New York but then making a proactive role in trying to make the NG booth as vibrant and exciting as the site itself.

I'll be throwing together a mini-site much like the Pico Day Art Contest thing that I did, I'll hopefully have that up by Wed., If you have any photos or would like to contribute any, please feel free to PM me .. in fact I highly encourage it.

Again, huge thanks to everyone that came out. We've set the tone and hopefully with repeated attempts the userbase will not only grow but become more vocal and proactive.

Thank you Tomamoto for your huge enthusiasm to fill in the cracks that we overlooked. Thank you Eric Black for working behind the scenes to even make the idea of the booth at this con even possible... Thank you Krinkels for making such a long trip over.. to The-Swain for being the face of NG's creative voice and spirit.... to Afro-Ninja for helping us out in prepping up the booth and handling all the book keeping... to Bob for prepping all the merch. at the office so all i literally had to do was pick it up. To EyeLovePoozy for 'making things happen' ... dont really need to explain it, we all already know what that means... you bailed us out of some close calls and you totally deserve kudos for it. Thanks to Tom and April for making the trip up and providing some street cred to the NG booth. Special thanks to everyone who helped us load shit up after the con was over, I'll do something more elaborate in regards to thanks later but i just wanted to just get that out there.

Last but not least thank you MindChamber, you were literally my partner in crime in this whole crazy idea, I'm extremely grateful for you knocking this out of the ballpark... and by that i not only mean this past weekend but waaaay before when it was just an idea.

Thank you everyone.. feel free to drop me a PM, i'll totally get back to you. See you at the next con.

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2008-06-09 16:20:26



2008-06-09 16:24:07

did everyone you mentioned in that other post go?


2008-06-09 17:07:01

Is there gonna be a NG booth at the next NY Comic Con?

Luis responds:

too early to say ... lookin into the one in Nov. and maybe another in Philly


2008-06-09 17:37:57

I literally read the crap out of that...literally
lol, sounds like it was a successful con


2008-06-09 18:08:05

Ahh, THAT WAS A FUN DAY, me And My sis Went LARPING on the top floor, I kick her ass LOL!

like Dude4001 said is there gonna be a newgrounds booth next year too?


2008-06-09 19:05:39

I got like, 3 pictures with my shitty camera.

Do you still want them?

Luis responds:

sure, ill get em from your facebook


2008-06-09 19:09:12

If there is next year, I MIGHT be able to go. My mom wants to go to New York, to buy some things for her store, and I'm sure I could weasel her into letting me hang out with you guys at the con.


2008-06-09 19:16:52

hey Luis, great to meet you over there.
you guys were really cool and stuff.sorry if my brother annoyed you with the free t-shirt thing.
were we the first one to say more cock jokes=more profit?

Luis responds:

someone else did also.. i didnt think anyone would remember .. oh well you all were cool ... you'll have to come out next time we do it again.


2008-06-09 19:43:46

I'm glad you had a good time and it went so well. Hope you have many more NG booths (hopefully 1 in Cleveland). Oh yeah now that Comi Con's over are you planning any Flash animations or are you already making one?


Cock joke

Luis responds:

I'm not sure what i am gonna do just yet. I had so many people ask about the sketchbook tour while i was in ny, i think that i will get that going this month after all.


2008-06-09 19:49:15

Anyways, I hope to go to the one in San Diego. I wanna to meet everyone whos going to that one.


2008-06-09 20:16:16

Everyone says the booth was the best there, but can we get some details as to why? I mean, how were things set up? What were people doing that made it rise above the rest?

We must know the detailz....

Luis responds:

Well theres many reasons... heres some and also things we plan to improve next timeeee


- The signing poster was a total success.. having people / fans/ etc come and sign and see who had swung by was awesome. That was a total accident because we simply found the posterboard while we were setting up

- Swain had a sketchbook which also people could draw and tag much like the sketchbook tour..

- had a dvd with popular toons on auto play. Last year in San Diego we had splash attack and thats it.

- having it be only NG, this was pretty key, i think thebehemoth/ng booth was confusing to people.. in ny .. there was no confusion.

- a booth run by the fans for the fans just gave it alot of street cred. I dunno it was cool for people ( i thought) to not only be able to buy a blockhead shirt for example and be able to talk to the guy that made it... same with madness and other franchises..

- i think next time we were thinking of having more photo opportunities... like making a giant pico with the heads cut out so that people could stick their face and be pico or something silly...

- next time we'd like to have bean bag chairs and have an area to lounge and mingle in... the space is at a premium at all comic cons but havin a booth space that isnt a booth but rather a lounge would be great

bunch of other ideas were tossed around..


2008-06-09 20:49:39

Odd how you're giving us the "411" on the BigAppleCon at 4:11 PM (EST) I wish I could've came. My big sister or brother might be able to bring me to Comic-con, though. It's a long way to go, but my big sister is already in college and she's a hardcore gamer (comic enthusiast, etc.) So I'm looking forward to that. I love the lounge idea, by the way. ;)


2008-06-09 20:58:19

I'm sure you recorded a lot of stuff from this one as well, right? I can't wait to see more videos that you upload.

Luis responds:

actually it was mostly just pictures. i forgot my video camera.. the one above was with my digital camera


2008-06-09 21:07:55

Hey luis you guys were really great i don't think you remenbered me but i was the guy with the Yankee cap with doomshock and his brother (= you guys were awesome i can't wait till the next time you guys get here. lol i know what you mean about Tom letting you guys handle everything lol went we got there he was walking around and we ask if he was Tom and then he show us were the booth was (by the way Tom looks like a really humble person) I actually got a picture of you in my phone lol (say cheese luis) ill see if i can upload it and send it. Anyways thanks for been so cool and i hope to meet you again. PEACE

Luis responds:

Yo thanks for coming out to our ghetto booth... its cool to put faces on to peoples usernames. Your brother is fairly active in the community so its cool that you guys came out.


2008-06-09 21:53:02

Yo Dude, I hope you guys took pictures of the "BIG DINNER". I was on the road thinkin' about Sunday while i was driving.. I'll get the rest of the story from MC. I'm totally out the loop, I didn't even know that Sunday was the PRD parade.

Luis responds:

Yea man, you have to stop cramming up your schedule... you are so hard to keep around. Youre all work no play.


2008-06-09 22:20:43

I brought my camcorder but didn't end up filming anything, except for the huge ass poster. I was that one kid with the unicorn shirt who just stood around awkwardly.

Luis responds:

actually i didnt get a photo of the completed poster.. i have it as a work in progress.. and yea you had my favorite shirt on.


2008-06-09 22:39:13

omg shameless mastermind plug :( How could I?!


2008-06-10 00:12:00

Fucking kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


2008-06-10 00:45:12

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Please tell me you have more drunken Tom videos? YOU HAVE TO HAVE MORE DRUNKEN TOM VIDEOS.

(Updated ) Luis responds:

sadly no. Actually no more of that shit... it is impossible to effectively function and run a booth being so hungover. Im actually kind of happy the Puerto Rican Day Parade was on Sun. and it was so slow... i was so sick.

Im definately taking that lesson with me.


2008-06-10 03:39:36

Hey, what's up? Haven't talked to you much lately... Anyway, catch you later!


P.S. Check out my new post! Why? Because I <3 you :)


2008-06-10 09:23:28

luis, take the pictures off my facebook page

Luis responds:

i will eventually


2008-06-10 11:36:46

So Your The Girl In The Middle Yah??
Well Done on Putting on such a good Stall LOL



2008-06-10 11:55:21

A lounge space would be cool. I kinda felt like some kind of stalker posted at the NG booth all day. At least y'all had games so we wouldn't just be standing around lookin awkward..


2008-06-10 14:38:53

What? Poozy was there?


2008-06-10 14:48:43

I should of went, though unfortunatly you guys threw the meet up at the same day as my brothers birthday.


2008-06-10 15:49:16

I vow one year i will cross the pond and come to a convention and make an ass of myself, VOW!


2008-06-10 17:36:34

Wow, it looked great, I wish I would have gone. If you go there next year, count me to be there. I live in Pittsburgh PA, so it's only about a six hour drive, and my mom is willing to drive me. Where she'll go then is still a mystery, however. You should consider organizing a PA meet-up. I'd definitely go.


2008-06-10 19:51:21

will you be at the supa nova at sydney one year?

Luis responds:

when is it? I've been thinking about an australia meet sometime next year.


2008-06-10 22:51:45

They usually hold supernova events throughout the year... there's one happening in mid July for Sydney if I'm not mistaken.

That or you can just come up to Brisbane Supernova... it's x10 better because everyone in Sydney enjoy kissing boys.

You don't want to kiss boys, do you?


2008-06-10 23:03:22

Hey luis, its me parlux the guy that was owning in NG rumble. Any ways droping in saying i had a great time with you guys in Big apple con, if you have any pics please link them to me so i can save them!

Luis responds:

yeah i'll hopefully finish that tmrw ive been really lazy since i got back


2008-06-11 00:28:34

Yeah it was a lot of fun to meet all you guys, next year I'll hopefully fly out to San Diego.


Luis responds:

yeah me you and darkshadow need to get together at some point and plot somethin out.


2008-06-11 01:06:38

damn. I wish I had gone.


2008-06-11 12:43:42

bunny rabbit goes -hop - hop - hop -

-COCK JOKE- ( hilarious? )


2008-06-11 13:50:12



2008-06-11 18:48:13

Shame theres nothing in the UK (london *cough*)

costs too much to get to the states

Luis responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/top ic/892193/1


2008-06-11 20:40:48

I like your new picture.

Luis responds:

i like you.


2008-06-12 19:27:35

Goddamnit! That Youtube vid made Tom's post on EggfordTheEgg's userpage sound way more impressive than it was. Damnit, guyz. I dunno who to blame for this atrocity.


2008-06-12 20:30:12

it is usually in june
you come and enjoy our winter!
it is held not far from sydney olympic stadium


2008-06-12 20:30:59

this would tell you all what you need to know

Luis responds:

Actually i was talking to Adam Phillips about that.. i think the most doable venue is the one in March in Melbourne. I'm aiming for that one.


2008-06-12 21:48:33

lol drunk ass camra man



2008-06-13 01:14:30

bugger the one i cannot get to


2008-06-15 02:12:50

They really need a con closer to Florida.
Leaves people who don't feel like going on
a road trip by theirself across half the nation (me)
just to see some cool Newgrounds users.

Maybe i'll go once gas prices go down.
Or once they get one closer to home.


2008-06-17 07:28:57

can u come back to ny i have 100$ that ill use to buy stuff. ill save money if its in a few months