gotoAndStart : NG Sketchbook Tour 2008

2008-06-24 22:25:28 by Luis

Back by popular demand. If you are unfamiliar with what the sketchbook is, use the links below to see what was done the past two years. In a nutshell its a giant collaborative who's-who of ng artists and personalities merged into a sketchbook which eventually winds up in the ng office.

Due to overwhelming interest, the project is now all booked up. If you strongly feel like you need to participate send me a PM.. who knows i may give you an extra.


Below is the list of the usernames that will be getting a sheet at some point. If you want to monitor whether your sheet has been mailed out goto this Google Doc and look it up. Updated weekly.

Previous Sketchbook Tours:

1. Tystarr
2. Gmagnum
3. LilG
4. st1k
5. lenkobiscuit
6. Gi-go
7. element-2
8. djnet
9. sirsloth
10. lalo
11. activeobjectx
12. fierras
13. rickmarin
14. dante224
15. theemokiller
16. Jeinu
17. spite-skater
18. jmtb02
19. Aeonstars
20. vortex00
21. swiftstylerX
22. el-presidente
23. chillyphilly
24 mrat
25. JadetheAssasin
26. Vousielle
27. Cz-Backslash
28. Matt-Porter
29. Hylian-Mafia
30. buzzwerd
31. kajenx
32. 23450
33. rucklo
34. notorious
35. salted-tator-tot
36. sardonicsamurai
37. danomano65
37. kupaman
38. jazza
39. 2good2b4goten
40. deuceNine
41. AlmightyHans
42. TurkeyOnAStick
43. Kirbopher15
44. henry-nougat
45. darkshadow8181
46. criminal-duder
47. middleFingerRings
48. theHappySheep
49. lazymuffin
50. egoraptor
51. pezboy440
52. mynamewontfitin
53. timfrommeyer
54. deadspread83
55. spikrodd
56. hammi
57. shirtturtle
58. s1nt3ch
59. j1mp
60. the-super-flash-bros
61. senti
62. ansel
63. catoblepas
64. zombie-pimp
65. sk8rGirl14
66. bomtoons
67. adman1993
68. fetusdoctor
69. UnderARock (x2)
70. Needle
71. Decade
72. Krinkels
73. SpencerMann
74. CrazyChihuahua
75. NegativeOne
76. chluaid
77. the-swain
78. JimmySavage
79. BlackmarketKraig
80. Coolio-Niato
81. PunchorBePunched
82. Dekuboy
83. BryceMilburn & NathanielMilburn
84. jakbaronKing
85. kuro
86. pezzo
87. JoSilver
88. bifftheTimid
89. sunglasses
90. just2pale
91. leafworthy
92. bizarroJoe
93. enjoyshaun
94. dude4001
95. Nogfishes
96. knoxfan25
97. Tomfulp
98. Mindchamber
99. Anigen
100. JohnnyUtah
101. UMREE


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2008-06-24 22:36:28

Im in this year :D, oh and will you marry me luis? D: I ASKED HIM.


2008-06-24 22:38:27

Calm the fuck down Luis,
I got this.


2008-06-24 22:40:47



2008-06-24 22:41:29

Neato, looks good, we're expecting to be big this year, as usual.


2008-06-24 22:44:13

Finally?? I'm in here like Swimwear!!


2008-06-24 22:45:18

Imma try it out this year


2008-06-24 22:45:27

ill try to get in this year (=


2008-06-24 22:49:00

I want a page, I'll msg you the mailing info :)


2008-06-24 22:51:14


i've always wanted to do one of these


2008-06-24 22:54:48


I just PM'd you my mailing information. I hope I get picked this year


2008-06-24 23:00:47

also so exited


2008-06-24 23:01:51



2008-06-24 23:07:21

I thought it was gotoAndPlay =[


2008-06-24 23:08:52

I would do this but my parents would wonder why some guy sent me a piece of paper through the mail :)


2008-06-24 23:17:18

Oh, and the 2006 link is to

Luis responds:

lmao youre right


2008-06-24 23:17:26

Mines gonna be plastered in dicks.


2008-06-24 23:27:38

Oh, this is very tempting. I want to do this, but then I don't want to make something crappy. I know that you are really taking crap too, although those people try, they suck. I just don't want a piece of Newgrounds history to suck just because I messed it up lol. You will probably see me sending my info if you don't run out in the next couple of days (which I doubt will happen).

Luis responds:

it might. its only been an hour and i have 30 PM's now


2008-06-24 23:33:39

I'm in your Newgrounds, sending you a PMz


2008-06-24 23:40:40

I'm in.
I'll make and spray a stencil probably.


2008-06-24 23:47:00

I pmed you, this should be a load of fun, and the connection among newgrounds authors will be amazing.


2008-06-24 23:47:41

Alright, I should get back in on this.


2008-06-24 23:58:20

PMed. My sketch might suck but hey - who really cares right?


2008-06-24 23:59:25

Sent a PM. I definitely want in on this one. Missed out on the last two.


2008-06-25 00:12:15

PM'd, hopefully I made it in time :O

This looks pretty fun.


2008-06-25 00:21:17

ill wait until i get the damn program to do something like this


2008-06-25 00:36:36

PM Sent.


2008-06-25 01:05:03

I am absolutely going to join.


2008-06-25 01:34:39

Sounds like fun :)


2008-06-25 01:34:52

I have a life sized diagram sketch of an electric guitar. Thing is, I don't have a 55" x 15" scanner =/


2008-06-25 02:18:33

it's gotoAndPlay, loser


2008-06-25 02:32:40

Your inbox is going to explode.


2008-06-25 03:59:01

i'm going to try and enter


2008-06-25 07:20:25

Back by dope demand.


2008-06-25 07:57:34



2008-06-25 08:18:51

Did they ever make last years tour into that big wall collage thing?

Luis responds:

not yet. its part of the reason im going back to sketchbook phase.. its atleast semi manageable and ive done it before so i know it can be done :)


2008-06-25 09:36:06

can I do it please? =D


2008-06-25 09:53:32

You do realize that by cementing this in as a trilogy, you're going to have to continue the tour till you die. You're like a lil' latino Rocky.

Sent my PM last night, hope I made it in, I've been waiting for this for months.


2008-06-25 10:23:51

Hit me up son


2008-06-25 10:59:00



2008-06-25 11:39:08

Do you PM us if we don't make it? Or would that be too many people?

Luis responds:

yeah ill let people know in a different update. i wasnt intending on cutting anyone, i mean the past two years it never broke 70 entries.. i had to go out and hunt out people.. this year my PM box is at 210 right now and its only been announced a day. What a difference a year makes i guess :(


2008-06-25 11:40:52

What will happen of that 100 people, only 90 are returned? Plus PM'd.

Luis responds:

in reality ill send out 110 to compensate for the expected flakes.. if it pans out to less than 100 then that will just have to be how it pans out. im not terribly worried.


2008-06-25 11:49:13



2008-06-25 12:15:58

Bleh...I sent a PM

But are you sending out to overseas locations? Or would that be too complicated?
I'm all worried now, the tension is MOUNTING.


2008-06-25 12:26:54

how many spots left? im going to be in this but i have to ask my parents...

Luis responds:

theres -100 i will have to go through and balance out the list i want to have a good array of established artists and new and up & coming faces.

Will update on my next blog post


2008-06-25 12:50:16

oh also, mine is going to be a painting is that ok? (if i get in) or is this only a pencil thing?

Luis responds:

if the paper can hold up to the abuse of paint sure. if you ruin your paper you'd be shit out of luck tho.


2008-06-25 13:19:41

info sent.


2008-06-25 15:02:53

Am I not qualified?

I'd rather know before I send you my info.

Luis responds:

I'd say go for it. I quickly took a glance and you have some solid submissions, high posts and been around for a number of years.

I havent figured out exactly what my standards will be yet, but i'd say you stand a good chance. If you dont feel like sending your info then thats fine too..

i just cant say your not qualified with 100% percision cause i havent screened anyone yet. I try and do so this weekend.


2008-06-25 16:04:49

How about you just bring some pages to Comic-Con to save yourself the postage. Hell I'll even do it there and then. :)

Luis responds:

ok i will


2008-06-25 16:26:56

Will you bump out little people to make way for well known people and NG Staff?

Luis responds:

probably not. but little people might get bumped by more established users... the project is still more of a project for people heavy into the ng community scene..


2008-06-25 17:04:11 it alright if I get a 'qualified or not' rating, like sunglasses...I'd just like to know.