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NG London Meet 3 Photos etc. etc.

Posted by Luis - September 8th, 2008

I was stuck indoors most of the weekend thanks to whatever hurricane that was. I suppose that was a blessing in disguise considering I managed to finish the photo hub for the London Meet that took place last weekend. I've linked to it below. I'll be adding some video and other photos to it as I get them but its at a good enough state where it can go live.

In other news, I'm working on the Sketchbook Tour this week, mostly scanning the 110 entries I've gotten back. fun times. I've also got a shit game I'm also working off and on, on. K, thats all.

London Meet 3 Photo Hub

***senseless photo swap***

NG London Meet 3 Photos etc. etc.

Comments (81)

Oh yeah! Nice!

Haha, looks like some good times were had.

NG Australia Meet coming soon right!? :D

BBM looks homosexual.

And I like your pic...

is that a UFO?

Why do you show your finger to the camera all the time?

Why do you have stupid dick pictures at your userpage?

1. why not.
2. why not.

What I learned is that Wonchop takes his goggles very seriously by bringing them along, but Hans can't take any photos seriously by making faces.

I just know someone's gonna have a field day with those pics of me.

This me looking a right douche in the front with my fist up for some ungodly reason.

Hoping there is one next year :3

Your games suk

yeh which is why i like dragging you down in the flames with me

perdon por no poder asistir =(

You just had to use the worst picture of me for the cast page. :D

i did. i didnt know you still visited newgrounds to notice :/

oh acabe de ver la pagina (parecio genial!) y ahora mismo planeare mi tiempo pa poder ir =D y no sera posible hacerlo tambien el 30 de septiembre? aci seria 2s NG meet up para el 2009 :D

Oh wow, I kinda envy you dudes.
I hope I'll be there next year, bla bla bla.

Nice pictures.
Looked like you had some great times. :D

Wonchop really wears ski goggles around?

its better than wearing a stupid name tag i guess

When you say shit game, you mean that game talked about some time ago in wich we get to play as you?

I came on your profile picture.

Only for meets, really.

im so coming to the next one :3

i noticed a lack of gingers there ):

plus i know london pretty well (:

where do you meet?

2007? You're yesterdays news buddy.

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