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Amsterdam meet-up and beyond

Posted by Luis - January 27th, 2009

MegaCon Feb 27 - March 1
Location: Orlando, FL

From the upper east coast we wind our way down south. I dont have a great deal of info on this yet, but the word on the streeetz is that The-Swain and a few other Florida folks are going to have a NG-themed booth. I *might* be able to show up. Its going to be cutting it close but I figure if Swain and Ego do a terrible job, i'll just goto Disney World.

Amsterdam Meet-up March 5-8
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This is kind of spur of the moment and mostly because im still high from the fumes of the London meetup earlier this month(no pun intended?). I thought it'd be fun to try one in Amsterdam. I have a few people who will be turning up and in all likelihood it will be similar to how the first London meet started off, where it was a very small group 'hanging out'. Believe it or not once upon a time London meet was only like 12 people. Not the 60+ that showed up this past outting. I've never been to Amsterdam anyway. ALSO worth mentioning is that Luka has been documenting all the european meetups so far and so he will be joining me on this outting as well. All this heavy effort to capture things on video by Nathan and Luka will merge at some point to create a really grand and true representation of the global power of the site, aka itll be fucking cool.

Montreal Meet June 5th - 7th 18+ only
Location: Montreal, Canadaaaa

One of the most entertaining meet-ups of the year. I think they are on their fourth(?) one, this one is run by fellow mod poxpower. There is apparently a beer festival going on during this particular meet-up which can only sweeten the deal further. This meet has gotten consistently bigger, it wouldnt suprise me if it reaches a suprising number this time around. Regardless, if youre canadian (or not ) and in the area then you should make an effort to get out there.

Wizard Con Philadelphia June 19-21
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A booth in Philly, imagine that. Shenanigans to follow the con.

San Diego Comic Con 2009 | July 23-26
Location: San Diego, CA

This is another event that isnt necessarily a meet-up, however it always draws out a large number of Newgrounds who's-who. This event has huge numbers of other people to elbow through but all in all it is actually quite fun and San Diego is always sunny and pleasant unlike London. Theres some special newgrounds related events being brainstormed. It should be fun and its an opportunity to meet some of the staff

Penny Arcade Expo 2009 | Sept 4th - 6th
Location: Seattle, WA

Another west coast event. This one way up in the corner of the country. I'm going to actually make an effort to go this year. I've been told its the cooler, less crowded cousin of Comic Con. Like comic con, this event is more about mingling than an actual 'meet-up' but its a good opportunity to catch some of the staff, particularly if you snoozed on comic con in San Diego

Denver meet-up | Sept 25-27th
Location: Denver, Colorado

There has been a few attempts at trying to bring NG to the Midwest and all of them had fallen short in the past. This year PsychoGoldfish is taking matters into his own hands and syncing a meet-up with the Great American Beer Festival in an effort to attract the interest of users like me I'm sure.
This is a promising event, with a couple of staff members showing up in addition to other NG users who live nearby and have the misfortune of living in some of the most boring parts of the country :D


Thats all for now, I will likely revise that list as i get more info.

Amsterdam meet-up and beyond


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balls on his face

I know you want to come to australia, so a melbourne meetup would be nice...


not really but close enough, like a 30 minute drive.

Why are there never any Icelandic meetings that I can actually go to :(

You have inspired me to add these events to our Facebook Calendar.

<a href="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Newgrounds/54838269438">http://www.facebook.com/pages/Newgrou nds/54838269438</a>

Amsterdam is the time and the place for everything.

I'd love to go to the coffee shops.

Even though I don't drink coffee.

If you know what I mean.

hey maybe ill go to the montreal meet this year. I do live here after all.

Amsterdam Meet-up FUCK YEAH!.
I have an apartment in Amsterdam, and oh my GOD please arrange a meeting there.
That would be amazing, seriously.

I wanna go to amsterdam :C

Meeting in Amsterdam? I'll be there.

Please Luis PLEEEAAAAASE Amsterdam. &lt;3

I agree with speeling...You just probally want to get high :P

I'm still trying to find a way to make it to the Montreal meet up. Originally I was going to see if parents could lend me money for a trip there for my birthday, but instead, I asked them to pay for half a month of college classes...

I'll be in Amsterdam and guess what, 7th of March is my birthday so you're supposed to bring presents for me.

Also worth mentioning is that there will be a GIRL at the Amsterdam meet! :D (just kidding)
I can't wait! :)

great now everyone will show up

why isn't there a meet in canada?

how about vancouver?

Will the Amsterdam meet just involve a bunch of Newgroundsers getting stoned? Becuase that I would like to see.

if I had to money I'd go to some of these.

Amsterdam you say? Hmmmm, I might have to pop along to that one. You're right, it'll be like the first few meets :D


i was gonna drop you a note on fb about it. i want a few regs to come on out

i want to go to comic-con so bad!
i cant tho

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