Entry #126

Vault Boy in NG style

2009-06-09 23:43:03 by Luis

I've been taking a break from animation this week and I've been playing Fallout 3 instead and drawing picturez. I made this small run through of a series of newgrounds themed Vault Boy's i've been working on. I'll do all 60 this week. Eventually will be in the art portal but for now you can track them all via the art forum thread HERE


*ignore that i had ie open as my browser. lmao

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2009-06-09 23:48:31

First USER IMAGE trend ever?


2009-06-10 00:12:36

ooo what??? ooo comee on!! aaaaa That's not possible it's awesome!!! so fast....


2009-06-10 01:42:28

holy shit dude. your art is pro street!


2009-06-10 02:41:36

haha awesome i luv the idea!


2009-06-10 02:43:25

You sure have a lot of patience to do all 60


2009-06-10 09:18:50



2009-06-10 11:05:54

Pretty great dude. I'm amazed you would have the patience to do all 60 of them, I know most people would probably quit near the beginning.


2009-06-10 11:48:09

My God. That is so awesome.

Can't wait to see what level 49 is like


2009-06-10 11:48:43

Level 59 sorry, an all gold vault boy.


2009-06-10 12:01:23

you have the sexiest mouse skills ever.


2009-06-10 14:19:51

What's wrong with IE? Anyway, awesome job you've been doing on these. I'm definitely gonna follow this thread to its completion.


2009-06-10 14:56:40

You live in DC?i live in northern Virginia.


2009-06-10 17:12:18

I wish I was you :*(


2009-06-10 17:59:30

Dang you can draw that good!


2009-06-10 19:57:02

i have level 1 as my picture


2009-06-11 06:31:48

thanks for drawing videos, they r very useful for a mouse artist like me.


2009-06-11 10:03:49

First of all, if you really do draw with a mouse...that's awesome. I feel bad for owning a tablet now. My mouse is a trackball though, so...

I love this idea. It's made me want to go back to to Fallout 3. Thanks, because I was about to start paying for WoW again. : )

Why is it that you color it in Photoshop? Wouldn't it would be easier to block off your fill areas in Flash and just use the paint bucket? I'm legitimately curious as to why you chose this method, so please let me know.

Luis responds:

youre totally right. It would be more efficient to do it in flash considering i draw it there to begin with. The truth of the matter is that my first few i did in photoshop and then i became married to the idea of doing it that way so I just became a monotonous VaultBoy assembly line.

So long story short. I'm being needlessly inefficient.


2009-06-11 11:36:49

Which reminds me I've been meaning to pirate that game


2009-06-11 12:58:23

Nice desing luis, i not have much patience for animated, i like draw all in 15 seg

Luis responds:

i actually find your speed in making things impressive. I was telling tom that you are like a one man ng portal.


2009-06-11 15:30:35

I want that sir.

I love you.


2009-06-11 16:38:43

I love The Who in the first one <3


2009-06-11 16:49:52

Oh, and the second one.


2009-06-11 22:53:40



2009-06-13 00:16:24

i found a real picture of you....no offense, but i think you're kinda fat........

but thats cool i guess since you're.......luis


2009-06-13 14:39:00

I kinda like how in the middle of the second video you managed to use the transform tool to make him thinner and it actually worked out pretty well. It's amazing how smooth you can get everything to look at such a high zoom. My stuff is sloppy no matter how carefully I smooth it out.

I think to make the next Sketchbook Tour different, everybody's names should be said backwards.

Luis responds:

that is a good idea


2009-06-13 17:55:57

could we see a possible ng fallout 3 parody?


2009-06-13 23:27:14

As an avid Fallout 3 fan, I must offer you praise and inform you that you are the most awesome person alive. That is all.


2009-06-14 10:32:07

fallout 3 is a great game take you time and play it. and its time to invest in a newrank please.


2009-06-14 10:35:06

i would like you to answer this but answer it on my account. if you want why did you say dont mind me haing ie open?? whats so wrong with it?? and why are you concern about what people think if you use it??

Luis responds:

well the newer versions of ie are less problematic but versions like ie 6 are a nightmare to design websites on and its generally frowned upon by most designers and saavy users because its not css compliant most of the time. Theres nothing really 'wrong' with it.. firefox and other browsers are designed better is all.


2009-06-14 12:19:00

Very cool idea - the higher levels are going to be nuts!


2009-06-15 17:27:41

The only thing that would make that more badass is if you made that with your mouse.


2009-06-16 10:56:26

Nice job with the vaultboy levels Luis. Hey, when you get a free chance off of your two-three Power of Three teams, you should make a flash that has them in it :D


2009-06-17 15:54:10

Hey you, dont you dare forget Tom's shirt next time you go crash at the Office >:(

Yeah, that one from the MTL meet up 2008...

Luis responds:

good point


2009-06-17 18:15:23

Confused about the art portal scouting system. How do you scout somebody?

Luis responds:

uhh someone whos scouted has to scout you. And so on. Its a hard feature to use tho because you are in a way sponsoring the artist so if he starts submitting crap you can be demoted for having let that into the art portal


2009-06-17 18:37:07

Thanks so much for Scouting my art work!:D

gives computerised hug#

forgive hyperness of me :3


2009-06-18 13:16:31

How did you color them in the way you did. I can't draw without going through the lines and it messes it all up lol I'm usin' flash but i just got it a few days ago.


2009-06-19 18:48:05

Luis, is it true that I am being closely monitored?


2009-06-20 01:18:03

It's been a while since you've posted a new Vault Boy pic in your thread. Any idea when you'll get some more done?


2009-06-20 04:24:58

nice man im still thinking how u drew it all so fast...well anyway i like too fallout 3 and im at super mutants :P


2009-06-22 15:44:42

how can I make an user image? (I am a noob)


2009-06-22 16:28:10

Hey Luis can u teach me How to draw like you?


2009-06-22 20:28:27

You need to update the sketchbook tour roster.
I lost my page for a month until today. I just sent it out.


2009-09-20 18:58:52

I love watching these, picked up a new tip with the colouring in photoshop! Great job on these cant wait to see them all finished!