DIY Munny Competition

2007-10-23 20:34:22 by Luis

Learn more about the project in its official thread

In a nutshell, NG and I have partnered to give prizes to the best 3 designs of a WZL - Blank
which are those little figurines you see below.

If you look at my past post you'll see something I came up with by painting a similar blank figurine.

To get the project going, i had sent out 15 Blanks, to various well known artists, and 5 Blanks are remaining in my possession to give away to the most promising concepts (see thread)

At the end of the compention (Nov 28) the best 3 Blanks will win some prizes..

For more info visit the thread.

DIY Munny Competition


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2007-10-25 18:50:06



2007-10-25 20:12:27

They look like a dozen eggs. lol.
Who are they supposed to be?


2007-10-25 21:17:37

make a flash called LUISMEN


2007-10-26 02:16:57

if only they werent so expensive.


2007-10-26 06:50:32

funny, they look exactly like my old clay guys


2007-10-26 08:42:52

i gotta draw on some template thing to have a chance of gettin one? I SMELL ME LOSING!!!!


2007-10-26 12:04:22

totally hawt L :3


2007-10-26 13:50:32

nice cant wait


2007-10-26 15:33:00

Another Great idea.

Love ya luis.


2007-10-26 19:00:31

Bla bla bla just send them out already. Why does it have to be official and over hyped. Its gunna be nothing new now.

Luis responds:

well i asked the same thing but its a long story. get over it.


2007-10-27 04:03:13

:O looks fucking awesome!


2007-10-27 23:39:24

Oh those look awesome : D good luck on finishing them!


2007-10-28 16:40:01

you sent them? or not?
i'd loove to paint one for ya, they look like a lot of fun to make.


2007-10-28 17:47:31

why was the thread locked?

Luis responds:

new thread coming shortly


2007-10-28 18:50:07

I'm so In!


2007-10-28 18:51:10

ok just wanted to know


2007-10-30 22:11:55

I have a question what if we have more than one idea are all entries going to be considered? and will it be you only deciding who the winners will be? also how long will we have to make the figurine and ship it to you if we are chosen to make one? anyways thats all for the questions i hope i'll be chosen anyways i hope you'll answer all these questions.

Luis responds:

ya ill be choosing em, this is my project. Well i'll wrap up narrowing the field next week.. i only have 5 blank munnys left so you definately wont be recieving multiple ones.
At that point youll have until Nov 28 to fully paint it and put up a photo of your finished piece. At that point i'll get together with the staff and decide the best 3 of the lot and those will win the prize.. at that point you have the option of sending over your finished piece to live in the ng office or if you decide not to you'll have the option to keep it.

The part that complicates things is that 15 of them were sent out to well established artists to get things going, unlike you (or any of the ones i pick next week) they are required to return their finished work.


2007-10-31 21:04:00

With the munny's, what do you use to paint them? (Acrylic paint?)

Luis responds:

acrylic works best. you dont need to prime em.. id imagine you would if you used other paint... and oil will never dry pretty much..

tempera would probably work ok.. but thats so elementary schoooool


2007-11-01 07:46:02

I so want to do this..

I might actually go and buy one myself.


2007-11-01 18:05:09

I just ordered mine online.


2007-11-01 19:19:44

Dear luis, huge fan of ur work.Especually Newgrounds rumble.considering all the facts of Pico and Piconjo,who would win?Because Pico's a good shot and Piconjo just a badass with his sord.You did a good job of showing both characters true self's.I was thinking if maybe you could make a badass vid starring Pico and piconjo in an allout brawl.Maybe even with a select ending twist? please contact me at


2007-11-01 23:44:29

I still think MoreLikeBlue would be perfect.


2007-11-02 00:06:11

Pass. My. Flash.

Out of curiosity, what's holding it up? Due to the twenty-four hour restriction, and the willingness of many talented animators to fill those spaces, you'd think it would be done by now.

Luis responds:

yeah it turned gay cause i decided to do it by invite only.. its still going on .. currently sqeezy has it.


2007-11-19 20:48:10

You don't know till they're done! ;)
By the way, Nice Munny you made, Luis!
Great Job!