Bleh.. Here comes that emo post!!!

2007-07-23 21:18:58 by Luis

Bleh ... its kind of bizarre i was making light of how id be making all these emo posts and yet today here i am making one.

Its been a somewhat akward past week, last week my grandmother got diagnosed with some sort of cancer, and this morning the kid of one of my relatives was killed in a wreck. I'm somewhat annoyed with myself cause my personality is somewhat cold and im like very non emo type and so like last week when my mom told me about my grandmother it was so fuckin akward cause im not one that is the comforting kind or the deeply emotional so i was just sort of unphased looking and looked more annoyed than anything and it was such an akward silence between my mom and i... in hindsight i feel like such a dickhead for not reacting to it like a normal person... anyway this morning was sort of surreal, and i been thinking about it all day how horrible it must be to wake up to find that your son's car is plastered on the morning news... bleh.
In a way its one of those cliche 'why do bad things happen to good people type of thing' ... this kid was straight up nerd kind, never dabbled in drugs like i did, never went about life in an utterly wreckless self destructive manner like have .. etc etc..

Luckly im gonna be in san diego this week and ill miss out on having to goto his funeral or what not.. but damn talk about a buzz kill...

So there we go, i wanted an emo post so badly .. its unfortunate that i finally got it.


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2007-07-23 22:10:37

I'm sorry to hear that.

I know what you mean when you say you didn't act like a normal person would. And I think you're being too hard on yourself. If you're worried about what your mother thinks of the way you reacted you shouldn't worry at all. She's your mother, she raised you, I think she'd be the one who'd understand your reactions and feelings the most.

I'm sorry if anything I said was inappropriate.


2007-07-24 11:33:55

Thats sad,
At one of my family reunions my 4 year old cousin got struck by lighting and died in the front yard, in front of everybody. It was crazy, nobody knew what to do or say afterwards. So I think thats a more common reaction then you may think. I think many people who react like that also feel guilty for not crying or whatever, but different people react different ways. You shouldn't feel bad, I'm sure you do care, its just the way you react.

I'll keep them in mind man, and I hope you can still have fun at comic con.


2007-07-24 13:11:29

Sorry to hear about the sad news... i just freeze up when someone tells me something like that cause i usually put my foot in it and say something bad.

What can you really say anyway? You can't act sad about it because that is giving up, you can't really act on any positive about it cause cancer is a serious disease.. no matter what kind of cancer.

Hope the comicon goes well and all this sorts itself out too.


2007-07-24 21:55:33



2007-07-26 02:30:58

Despite your Emotional Post, I am very saddened to hear about that young man, along with your grandmother. I wish you best of luck Luis! :( It'll be okay,...hopefully.


2007-07-27 01:24:43

Hey man, sorry to read that. I shant bother trying to sympathsise for ya. Sorry for acting like a dickhed the other day. Have fun.


2007-08-11 23:35:15

Annoying situation but i can assure you it can be worse.
My grandmother is a very nice woman the generous kind that loves to spend time with her family and such.
But she is also a smoker, has been for more years than i've been alive.
When one day my mother just told me she got diagnosed with lungcancer and might die, i blurted out : well years of smoking what did ya expect?

I could try to describe her reaction to that sentence but words fail to describe her fury.
So be silent, be veeeery silent, it's a much safer option.

Btw ol' grandma got treated made it out alive after a grueling recovery period and started smoking again, go figure.