Entry #129

New year, new you

2016-01-04 08:50:59 by Luis


Long time no see! I promised myself I'd make more of a presence this year, so despite not feeling particularly great (seasonal depression is it called? is that a real thing?) i thought itd be good to say hello.

Last year was kind of quiet for me creatively here, couple reasons for that, professionally, I've been doing more front-end than animation/art, i kind of like it, not sure if i like it MORE, but its rewarding in its own way, and the turnaround times are tighter and ship out faster.  That said, I was short handed on my team for most of the year so there was no shortage in things to do myself. My commute to work was brutal, and the work was brutal, and while I learned alot, I had little time to dedicate to animation/game projects.

That said, I need to really put the pedal to the metal for a game for that Pixel Day event later this month. Didn't do as much work as I thought last week (i left my files at the office amongst other things) so got my work cut out for me. Still feel like its doable tho.

Thats all in a nutshell, I've been talking to more animators again, and starting to make other peoples work my business so hopefully that will inspire my own stuff. Ok thats all!  Glad things are moving in the right direction here at NG, youtube, well i wont even talk about that.




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2016-01-04 09:08:47

ey boss who is madness project nexus 2?

Luis responds:

That's mostly Swain and Krinkels (like 95%), I'm supposed to work on their menu system at some point, I assume when its closer to release?


2016-01-04 09:29:52

Happy new year bud!


2016-01-04 09:38:15

Good luck on working menu system
ey boss can u spoil somethin? *HYPE*

Luis responds:

I think I'd be pounded to death if i did spoil anything, plus i probably dont know anything to spoil that is recent.


2016-01-04 10:14:27

*kill you*
thank you for co-operation


2016-01-04 10:41:25

Dude just a question,since you are related with Project Nexus 2 on the main menu.I was wondering if you're also related with that game Johnny Utah and Tom Fulp are making ?

Luis responds:

No, thats all tom/spazkid/johnnyutah. Heard it looks really good tho


2016-01-04 11:42:10

seasonal depression is a real bitch. I pop vitamin D pills all day and it makes me feel less sad.


2016-01-04 12:07:45

I heard you liek boyz.

Luis responds:

Part of the reason i came back


2016-01-04 12:48:43

be interested to see what you stir up this year, all the best with your endeavors. 2016 could be great for a lot of people on this website


2016-01-04 13:20:04

I hope you draw many sharks this year and for years to come.


2016-01-04 16:34:35

We miss you boss


2016-01-04 17:08:33

Always good to see you around and up to something! I was just at your old place last night for a quick visit, how's the new place going?

Luis responds:

Pretty good, the commute is a ton easier which was the main reasoning behind it, so i have to tell myself it was the right decision, its sometimes a little bit of a bummer leaving stamper and those guys after living with them for so long and finally feeling the chemistry in the house 'worked'. But hey you cant dwell on the what-ifs. Its not like i cant visit anyway so just gotta look at the positives.


2016-01-05 00:53:51

Looking really handsome these days.

Luis responds:

Dont embarrass me as soon as I get back here zach. -___-


2016-01-05 06:41:14

Glad to hear you doing good Luis! Your too talented to not be busy!

Luis responds:

I heard it was your bday recently happy bday!


2016-01-05 08:17:19



2016-01-05 21:25:56

Seasonal depression, of Seasonal Affective Disorder as its usually known as, is a real thing. I've had it and living in KY, I tend to deal with it once winter drags on ( part of the reason I want to move where its sunny more often).

I don't know where I'm going with that. Anyway, hope 2016 goes well for you Luis and look forward to the stuff you put out!

Luis responds:

I still think being sick from not having enough sunlight is bullshit. but im no sun doctor.


2016-01-06 01:29:13

Sounds like a stressful month. Hope this year is better for you! Still, it sounds like you've laid the groundwork for a good future!

Luis responds:

This was way too optimistic!


2016-01-06 18:19:48

good luck in the new year amigo :)


2016-01-06 20:48:20

I luh you Luis <3


2016-01-14 03:20:36


Luis responds:

Oh god no


2016-01-14 21:32:18

We should talk sometme. I'd PM you but you hate me so you banned PMing

Luis responds:

i have it turned off actually, tho i do hate you, im on skype you know...


2016-01-19 14:43:20

Happy Birthday man. Hope your New Years went well.

Luis responds:

Thank you friend


2016-01-19 20:39:23

Happy birthday bro!

Luis responds:



2016-01-19 21:16:10

Happy birthday Luis, I got you beer. I'm trying to pour it in my computer, hopefully it reaches you soon.


2016-01-19 23:16:20

Happy Birthday, Ya Palooza!

Luis responds:

wait a minute....


2016-01-21 22:16:14

Miss ya buddy. Going to Pico day? I'm not, just wanted another reason to be depressed about not going.

Luis responds:

If im still living in philly ill swing by!


2016-01-26 14:12:15

Yeah @ what @Tyler said. D-vitamin is the cure! Makes you feel super-energetic and pure even in the darkest most depressing phases of winter! Almost.

Happy New You!


2016-02-06 01:56:42

Just watched your old "No Remorse" flash.. and I'm glad you're still around 15 years later.


2016-04-09 18:34:00

Happy birthday!


2016-04-16 12:52:42

happy birthday luis!

Luis responds:

Thanks love!


2016-05-01 14:12:22

even wen dady leaves 4 work we kno he gona come back 2morrow luis a man gota do wutta man gotta do