Entry #130

Newer Year, Newer You

2017-01-06 08:58:51 by Luis


I am kind of embarassed I've been gone so long and my last post was um last year around this time. I think the root of the matter is I'm in this vagabond stage of my life/career, I'm heavily into like the design side of the creative business but my mind is always active and thinking of stuff, game ideas what have you, but my time is so slim these days that the outlet for those is usually little gifs or an occasional small game.   In past years, I'd consider that a disappointment, and im sure to some of my fans it definitely is. But I think its par for where I'm at right now. 

That said, I am working on a game currently with the Pesto Force guy, and a few other people. Kind of happy with how its going and how quickly its coming together.  Its also a rare game where I'm publicly open about the WIP stuff, i'm usually kind of secretive, not because i think someone might 'steal' it, but because im not really comfortable showing unpolished ideas. But that game is actually just one big unapoligetic unpolished idea. Anyway, it should be done soonish. It may be unbalanced and kind of rough but thats okay i think.

As inactive as I've been, i do still follow the art scene, i quietly have the endless artist streams in the corner of my window as i work, and its kind of nice to see something come out of nothing and say hey i was there when it was just a sketch.  (Shadman's stuff comes to mind)

I'd like to continue doing that, I'm trying to find a 'regularly' scheduled art stream i can incorporate into my schedule, like knowing someone always is doing streams every tuesday or whatever. I'm a creature of habit and it'd be nice to follow streams that are consistent.  I wish newgrounds had like a blinking light or something next to a screename to denote they are streaming. Kind of how like the header of the site has this little streaming blurb when the office is streaming something. Something along those lines but on the user level would be cool, if doable.

so YEA. Have a good year.




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2017-01-06 09:03:51

This year will be the Year of the Fire Rooster.

Luis responds:

youre right! she lied!


2017-01-06 09:42:57

Who lied?

Luis responds:

My asian hair cut lady said it was year of the monkey, i guess that was last year, this year its rooster


2017-01-06 11:02:18

u 2 m8 and dont worry about inactivity u can do that occasionaly twich streams to let people know your still alive from time to time


2017-01-06 11:15:46

newer rear, newer poo

Luis responds:

wow ur immature


2017-01-06 20:22:23

That Pesto Force guy is a dweeb!


2017-01-06 21:35:00

I always liked ya, Luis. Thought you should know that.


2017-01-07 11:15:54

Here's to a good 2017 mate!


2017-01-07 18:37:04

Perhaps this year you'll make something?


2017-01-08 22:34:05

Visit me one of these days. That Marlboro coupon is still here waiting for you.


2017-01-10 19:03:28

I miss that animation of yours about the abusive father that got taken down, I assumed, because of copyrighted music in it. Any chance we'll be seeing that again?

Luis responds:

No idea, i get asked about it fairly regularly :(


2017-01-11 04:53:02

It is time.


2017-02-09 20:35:30

ugh, will you make another Darnell´s game someday? the art from wrath of god was AWESOME, but it was way too short :(

Luis responds:

i do want to do that at some point, he's very under utilized!


2017-05-02 22:19:01

Indiana 20XX... never forget.

That was the most ridiculous car ride of my entire life, your GPS was dumb.