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To the graduating class of whatever

2017-06-13 16:19:14 by Luis

I was talking to someone graduating college in a matter of days the other day and he asked me if i had any advice or insight about the creative market after working in the field so long (15 years so far). Gave him kind of a meh answer at the time but its been on my mind alot lately and I figured i should jot it down before i forget my thoughts on it.
For a long time I've always felt i DIDNT have good advice.
I felt dumb / weird answering questions like that because its such an awkward confrontational question, and you feel a scorching amount of heat of not being able to give some steve jobs-level sage advice.
But after critical thought and soul searching, i've realized I CAN answer that question and actually SHOULD.
While I could pick MANY different angles, and turn this into a mini-autobiography the size of a small bible, i wont. Ill pick one.

I moved here to philadelphia, in 2010. I HATED philadelphia, i hated visiting here on field trips, i didnt particularly care for it during mod meet-ups and newgrounds events. It was just dirty, rude, and you can't buy beer from gas stations for some reason. Why would i possibly want to move there, and when i first did, i asked myself the same thing. I think over the years I came to the realization and the true value of surrounding yourself with people that support and elevate you. For me that was people like @TomFulp and @Afro-Ninja, and @The-Swain, and Stamper, and all the other people who brought out the best in me while i was here.

So i think my advice, is to seek out that same sort of company, it could be physically, by moving somewhere, could be virtually, by joining discord groups, or forums or communities (newgrounds is a good example) of people who bring out the best in you. I think then, you start to find purpose in your work and you feel better in your decision making processes as a result.

As with any piece of advice, its worth nothing if it was a one way channel, so i think its just as important to also give back that same support and love for the people in your industry.

Fast forward to today, i do actually love living in philadelphia, piss smell subway stations and all, and i think a large part of that was in part to the people i surrounded myself with.
In a nutshell, who knows where else i may end up, or even if i'll like wherever that city / town ends up being, as long as i surround myself with people who believe in what i do and challenge and elevate my creative visions, ill be OK, and you will too.

The End.



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2017-06-13 16:41:28

I'm glad I managed to drag you into my Philly adventure, 2009 was a good year <3


2017-06-13 17:10:12

i will come to philly next year to see you guys im a fan


2017-06-13 19:25:44

loois come visit us

Luis responds:

i guess i will next weekend!


2017-06-13 19:35:01

hey man
I never forget you gave me advice even way before any of this. To this day it helped me at least have confidence to pursue digital work and actually get some opportunities open up. Without that.. pft... College was no use for me, living where I live and not planning to move to the city. Without that advice.. I could've given up and be hating life even more lol
Never underestimate the value of just sharing your own personal experiences with something, even if you don't feel you have anything profound to declare.

Luis responds:

oh. thats actually very touching. im glad things are panning out for you!


2017-06-13 22:13:13

I'm also in Philly enjoying the smell of piss in the subway station.


2017-06-13 23:27:13

I've always wondered what it would be like to move to Philly hahah, it seemed so enticing to me! I'd really have to get my own shit completely together though, otherwise I would feel like a goof always bugging everyone hahah! Who knows, I'd probably move up north from there and hang out with @phantomarcade3000 and @deathink Two of my favorite babies, so who better to surround myself with, right?

Also first


2017-06-13 23:51:36

Well said, Luis. A big part of finding success, not just in a career setting, but in life in general, is an important marker for anyone to check. I hesitate to call it marketing yourself though, as that comes off as one's motives to be impersonal, or greedy. I will say that finding friends and colleagues that not just bolster you up in terms of confidence and self-esteem, but also ones that successfully critique your work that is both helpful, but truthful is a very important factor as well.

I'd also like to thank you for talking to a dumbass like me and helping me feel like I'm improving, not just as an artist, but also as a person. Hope to see you at the next meet!


2017-06-14 00:06:27

Yeah, guess that true, though my main advice is, go to where the work is, then work on your emotional base. Sending out resumes and portfolios is just a mote in the eye of most bleary eyed task-masters and distributors of funds. Guess it really depends on how self-made you are, and how much outside support you'll need to pull off the job. Thank goodness I never had to intern anywhere to get my game up.

Sure hate to be in radio these days, 2 big national companies are set to default, iHeart and Cumulus :p Maybe VOA will buy 'em out and our 1984 scenario will be complete.


2017-06-14 13:09:11

Luis, I miss your gorgeous face and sly smiles.

Luis responds:

oh wow ur alive


2017-06-14 14:39:45

Solid advice man, I may not be graduating but this kinda stuff is nice to hear no matter what. It's a comforting sentiment to work towards. And already I've met tons of great people on NG, (like @Saminat wow what a guy)


2017-06-14 18:04:32

I think it's good advice, and it leads to improving yourself because the people you spend time with wear off on you.


2017-06-14 18:51:45

I greatly respect this sentiment, Luis.


2017-06-18 23:00:45

This is great advice, I'm trying to keep doing just this! I'm glad you moved here because that also brought you into my life! You're fun, smart, and an inspirational person art wise, so thanks for that <3