Entry #132

Mama Luigi Collab

2017-08-30 12:52:15 by Luis


So rare i get to participate in an animated collab these days, more like 3 YEARS. Which kind of sucks considering it was my bread and butter for the early part of my animation career, guess its part of what happens as you get older and time is harder to come by!  Still though, it was nice to see this project come to a conclusion. Wasn't sure what to expect and at times i considered giving up on my part (it was only 4 seconds or so but still i'm just so rarely at my own computer).  

So if you haven't taken a look, please do, alot of people, new artists, legendary artists, old artists, artists ive collabed with many times in the past, etc worked on this. Its a nice little project. It was nice to be part of it, i dont usually care for video game related stuff. THANK YOU




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2017-08-30 14:48:56

That pixel art was as smooth as always with you, a fantastic touch! Now we're epic collab pals, Luis.

Luis responds:



2017-08-30 14:48:58

that was a fantastic collab. really goes to show that even if so many people contribute something small, strung together it would make for a great, fun viewing experience. so much variety in styles and everything.


2017-08-30 16:06:44

Wow that is some list of talent, gonna watch it Saturday morning for bonus points and extra xp.


2017-08-30 18:22:54

hey luis - you did a good job there.
- lepy


2017-08-30 23:16:19

Wow, this was awesome!

Glad to see you take part of it as well!


2017-09-01 14:06:25