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25th Newgrounds Anniversary giveaway

Posted by Luis - July 7th, 2020

UPDATE: Congrats to @damnedbyfate you came up on the random username generator thingie. You r win.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their anecdotes. I read all of them and it was quite uplifting and motivating to read and more important than ever to preserve this community. I'll give away more stuff soon.

Apparently NG is a quarter century old now! Time to give away some NG stuff from my vault.

Here's how to win:

You have to be a NG supporter to win this one.

This aint for bustahs who don't support keep the lights on.

  1. Comment with a memory of your interaction with this site (try and be positive).
  2. That's it.

One rando comment below will win this newgrounds flag, it's been around the world at newgrounds meet ups and stuff. There are a few of them floating around but this one is my personal one. Also, in this care package is a yellow / orange castle crasher and some stickers. I'll pick someone out later this month and do another post about it.

See ya


here it is in Australia


I found this in my closet, into the package it goes:




Comments (97)

What is Newgrounds? Sounds cool.

Well, when I was about 7 years old, watching cartoons and playing flash games all over the internet, one site never left my mind. I randomly found out about this site which had the best cartoons I have ever seen. The problem was I always forgot the name of it. I googled "Groundworks", I googled "Playgrounds". No luck. Fast forward to today, now I'm sharing my own cartoons with my friends on Newgrounds and all those amazing movies and games that never left my mind are still here with thousands of new ones to explore.

Luis buying me a hotdog in like 2008 SDCC

stop spamming my userpage after all these years kevin

I know I’m not currently a supporter but I just wanted to say that

All of my positive memories of this place involve you in some way xoxo


I embarrassed myself at a family event having a meltdown because i kept getting killed in the og alien hominid. Also remember my mom asking me "how you play" while i had franks adventure going and i just walked in a big circle so i didn't trigger anything that would get me banned from the computer. I don't really have any great stories, but i have endless small ones that don't really go anywhere :)

Failing school but succeeding in Project Nexus ;)

I wanna say a memory of the site like first frontpage or meeting VO friends in forums or when monster mashing and near deadline became big hits with the user base but it's all overshadowed by the in person meetups and Pico Day last year. I love having my username dogtags that Ivan made. That shit sends me back to all the memories and makes me love this place more!

Pico Day 2019! The small venue was really cool and there was this Luis guy there and it was fun :D

My favorite memory is all the Meet'N'Fuck games that ruined/supported my childhood.

Oh!! And Newgrounds is literally the reason I ever wanted to draw. I dont know if you remember what Super Paint Brawl is or was because I was referred to them after posting in the general forums trying to fight people with a drawn stick figure after being inspired by another thread that did the same thing.

So, basically, Newgrounds is the reason I have such a strong love for art because through Super Paint Brawl I would spend majority of my time on the computer drawing comics with other people. (@)coby was one of the people I met, and I've known him for over a decade now because of SPB, even though we're not associated anymore.

Without Newgrounds, idk if I would be as interconnected with art as I am now... and thats a sad thought, lol.

@Terminator cheater...

The earliest memory I have of newgrounds was binge watching vsauce's DONG videos for the flash games and going on here from there. I remember not liking the site, no idea why. My child-self preferred going on bubblebox at the time I guess. Then a couple years later, after listening to hours of sleepycabin and watching that Kaptainkristian video about NG, I decided to make an account. I had no idea what I was doing but after posting an animation and figuring out how to make a blog post, one of the first interactions I had on this site was Troisnyx commenting "meep".
and from then on I guess I just stuck around to this day.
(still don't know what a meep is after all these years but I will find it - someday)

the best newgrounds memory was definitely that weird forum post where everyone just posted pictures of themselves infront of the website https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1448919#bbspost26444727_post_text

When I was a wee little boy, I used to play Dad & Me on the library computers. It kicked ass.

My favorite memory of the site was probably getting to come to the office for the first time for Pico Day, meeting Tom and the gang. Felt like a dream come true.

also first

Everyone here is as weird as me. Newgrounds is the home I don't have anywhere else.

When we were working on the smash collab, phantomarcade used a drawing from a certain user who drew kirby scat porn as a still for a background in his cartoon. I decided to friend this person and then for about a month I got kirby scat fan art every day messaged to me. Good times

There arent many communities out there where everyone is matched in ambition, not always technical prowess, but Newgrounds has always been an environment that inspired creativity in me. Oh, and also the time when the portal was at war against stiickfigure animators in the portal.

When I was about twelve I came across Newgrounds because a lot of the animators I'd found on YouTube - Eddsworld, Oney, Egoraptor, etc - were mentioning Newgrounds as their main site and encouraging me to use it for better quality. I switched over to Newgrounds because of its focus on art and animation, and because the community was genuinely welcoming and encouraging, able to give constructive feedback and encourage growth as an artist. I'd wanted to be an animator from a young age, and Newgrounds spoke to me because it demonstrated that you didn't necessarily need a massive budget or a studio or a team - just get a copy of Flash, be prepared to practice a lot, and you can get your name out there.

As the years went on, as the likes of YouTube became more and more corporate and sterile, Newgrounds remained humble. The atmosphere has never gone away. It gave me hope knowing that no matter where you're from or who you are, there's always a community that wants to see your work and wants to help you improve. My early stuff was fucking terrible, and I remember feeling heartbroken when my first animation got (deservedly) blammed. I was a kid and I took it personally. But when I was done sulking, I thought "fine, I'll just do better next time" and I kept trying. Newgrounds gave me a thicker skin, and gave me the mentality towards art that I have now, and without this site I probably wouldn't have kept it up. I dreamed that one day I'd have something of my own on the front page, like Eddsworld and Oney and all those cool guys did.

Just last year, I finished a cartoon for college. I spent about a year on it, and it didn't turn out perfectly but I was proud of the work I put in. I submitted it to a film festival, and they accepted. I was delighted. But then COVID-19 happened and the festival was cancelled, which devastated me. So instead, I took my cartoon and put it on Newgrounds, figuring maybe someone here would get a kick out of it. The next day I logged in to discover that my film was on the front page.

Tom Fulp himself started following me (I just about had a heart attack when I got the notification), and I couldn't have been happier with the response I got from this community. Even ten years after finding this site, while every other social media site has either faded into obscurity or just spiraled downhill, Newgrounds has remained true to itself. A place where any artist can be themselves. The world of independent animation owes a lot to Tom Fulp and this site.

Also, I played a loooottt of Meet n' Fuck as a teenager, that was fucking dope. There's one where you're a spy and you gotta find this girl and you need to go around this little town plowing all these babes until you find the right one, and then you fuck her too, it was so goddamn cool. And this other one where you're in a medieval kingdom and you need to help the king because he's impotent and old, and you get to fuck the queen, and there's a goth witch with big titties, I loved that one, and there's this other one where y

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