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very cute. always enjoy your work

This is newgrounds at its core. Loved the variety, loved the voice work, the animation, the intro, outro, midtro. whatever. Good job everyone. I rarely review stuff so this must be special!

this turned out great, very saturday morning cartoons. kind of a shame these sort of bumpers will never be seen on tv again.

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cute sprites. the difficulty curve was pleasant, the art was super cute, i thought the music was fitting. i thought the success sound effect seemed out of place. it sounded more primitive than the soundtrack did and that was kind of off putting. it sounded more atari, while the music sounded more snes. great work overall!

I wish there was more animation to it. I know that wasn't the point of it, but i think it could have made it more engaging.

I didn't like how every ending was a happy one. I tried picking every bad answer and in the end the character is still happy!

Pretty refreshing take tho and the narrating was not dry.

Fun little game. The controls felt good in responsiveness and slippyness, hard to find that balance on a wall jumping game but i think it worked well. I felt the learning curve of the obstactles was a little steep and kind of detracts from the curiosity to explore further. Maybe some more forgiving hazards could be introduced first other than the spiked blocks. I thought the cannon was comfortable for starting out. Felt a bit underused. Maybe the first wave can be more about mastering the cannon and then work into the spiked blocks?

Thought the music was spot on.

Thought maybe the storyline was a bit elaborate for such a simple gameplay, It doesnt ruin it at all, just in the grand scheme of things feels like it could have been as simple as the game itself?

More of a personal thing maybe, because i obsess over menu's but i felt like the menu's could have kept the simplicity but still have its personality to it. Felt a bit utilitarian when the game stage itself is lush.

Having a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown before the game starts up again mighta been nice.


Overall, really fun little game!

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This was fun. i like

AnalogByNature responds:

Thanks Luis.
Did you get a new passport yet?
Not sure if all of us are able to make it, but would be nice to fly down there for a future event.
We are pretty far up north in Canadania,

I liked the flow, but i found the beat too loud or distracting. I like the experimental feel to it.

That was pretty epic. It actually did remind me of Batman, the first one anyway, which in my opinion was the best one of the lot. I think the only thing i didnt like was how it ended, it felt like you took my heartstrings to their limit and im about to cum, and then it dies down again. Feels like you coulda gotten more bang for your buck by ending it on a suspenseful note. Feels too short of a time for a sigh of relief type of handling to it. If that makes sense... im not a music guy, so maybe my feedback sucks. lol

Devastus responds:

Nah, you're right, it's making the ending unnecessarily softer. It's one of those things that you notice only the next day after you've finished and published the thing :P

Thanks for the feedback man, appreciate it a lot!

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Wonder if you could get him to voice act that character

Sabtastic responds:

Way ahead of you. >:3

Earthworm jim might be cool. These are great!

JinnDEvil responds:

Sure thing! I'll keep Jim in mind!

I dig it. I always liked those muscley cats carrying the goldfish guys.

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