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DIY Munny Comp Update

2007-11-13 00:53:19 by Luis

So this is just a small update on whats been going on over at that NG DIY Munny Comp that I'm hosting...
basically it was going slow for a few weeks becuase people were waiting for their orders to come in. This week seems like the week when everyone has been getting theirs and the project is really picking up some steam.

If you havent checked out the thread do so, it's kind of refreshing how everyone is like sharing tips and their experiences as they go along.

As for my own, well I decided to create mine as Tricky from madness.. still have a ways to go but the head is pretty much done. Will be making a little removeable mask and sign with the exclamation point on it later on.


DIY Munny Comp Update

Brainwash relaunch

2007-11-04 16:51:06 by Luis

Well I'm still in canada but i had some downtime so I thought I'd go ahead and soft launch my site.

Now accepting more affiliates so ya just give me a holler.

Be sure to check out my interview with Rtil

heres a picture of a moose just to make you people happy.

Brainwash relaunch

Greetings from toronto

2007-11-02 19:26:17 by Luis



DIY Munny Competition

2007-10-23 20:34:22 by Luis

Learn more about the project in its official thread

In a nutshell, NG and I have partnered to give prizes to the best 3 designs of a WZL - Blank
which are those little figurines you see below.

If you look at my past post you'll see something I came up with by painting a similar blank figurine.

To get the project going, i had sent out 15 Blanks, to various well known artists, and 5 Blanks are remaining in my possession to give away to the most promising concepts (see thread)

At the end of the compention (Nov 28) the best 3 Blanks will win some prizes..

For more info visit the thread.

DIY Munny Competition


2007-10-20 21:29:10 by Luis

I was bored two weekends ago and i paint this.



New movie comin up this week

2007-10-16 00:07:25 by Luis

almost done with this quickie...

featuring the i-cant-be-bothered-to-do-something-all -crisp style....


New movie comin up this week


2007-10-11 00:51:27 by Luis


Yo thanks for the monthly award

2007-10-09 02:16:21 by Luis

My most sincere thanks for voting that Sketchbook Tour thing for a monthly award!

I'm very humbled and its always an honor to get that extra recognition.

I've been debating a long time about what I'll do with that money, its not a terribly large amount but i never felt like it was 'mine' anyway, the tour is a success through the collective efforts of everyone who participated in it.. so originally i was going to buy everyone stickers and then i had some feedback that i should just stash that money for next years costs... and so i think i finally decided what i'm going to do...

I thought it was cool that ng changed its color scheme for that breast cancer awareness thing going on this month.. cancer is an especially sensitive subject right now for me cause one of my relatives was diagnosed last month and its like really sobering... anywho i decided that im gonna put half of the money into the next years tour and the other half im having donated to the american cancer society on behalf of newgrounds... its not a terribly large amount of money but i think its SOMETHING and it sort of is cool for ng to take credit for its humanitarian efforts sometime... we're not all fucked up demented artists... well most of us are but whatever dont ruin my moment LOL.

NG Sketchbook Tour 07

2007-09-29 17:06:29 by Luis

Yeah its dela-- actually no i finally submitted it.

Mucho thanks to Glaiel-Gamer and The-Swain for their major help.

Also thanks to Mogly for helping me get the whole thing started and to Pezzo for linking up entries to all 76 entries.

Major thanks also to everyone who was part of it. Sorry it took so long!


New collab idea

2007-09-23 04:13:48 by Luis

Even though i have like 20 million projects already on my plate, i wanted to get my mojo back so i developed a really fast moving collab. I thought itd be a good opportunity for seasoned animators to tangle with up and coming ones in a project that doesnt demand a huge amount of sweat.

In a nutshell, everyday the link to the fla will change with the part that the winning animation of the day before. The idea is that everyday the movie will grow organically. It features simple outlines so it should be fairly doable. I was able to do my part in like an hour.

Heres the link to the thred.

Thread of the collab

I am still working on my other projects so dont gimmie a hard time about the Sketchbook tour and One o clock jump II.

New collab idea