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Anti Clock Day

2007-08-17 11:06:54 by Luis

Well originally I wasnt going to make something for my own self imposed 'anti-clock' day but i think i will... its 10 days away. I am sure i can squirt out a quickie.

We'll see how productive i am this weekend.


UPDATE 08/18

Its the weekend.. 2pm i got one frame partially done. GO ME.

Anti Clock Day

Sketchbook Tour Update

2007-08-15 17:20:01 by Luis

I hate fucking posting new posts so often damn i feel like im in myspace makin a diary.

Dear Diary,
Today the shipment of shirts arrived from the sketchbook tour. They look swell.



If you are part of the tour, and want a shirt, PM me.
price is $20 + $3 shipping

If you are overseas, ill have to get back to you on how much shipping costs.

Sketchbook Tour Update

Fall Season

2007-08-14 18:11:03 by Luis


Well summer is winding down and on my way home i was thinking about what im going to be up to this fall flash wise, I thought for the sake of being shary and shit I'd provide you with the insight.

1. Sketchbook Tour
working on this shit hardcore this week, if it does stall out into the fall itll be a tragedy. but its top priority right now atleast.

2. Stranded 2
next on my priority list is closing out the art assets for stranded. As much as i hated doing stuff in the top down angle I can say that I have gotten better at it. This game has potential to be something huge, its probably the only thing that drives me to finish it up. Atleast Eli and Luka have been very patient.

3. One o Clock Jump II
Been getting this wrapped up, I did get an unusual e-mail from Adam to get him a part to try squeeze in. Thatd be kind of cool if it panned out and he showed up to a collab, even if it is just a small 5-7 second smidge.

4. Halloween
was thinking about my next huge project, and halloween seems like the most reasonable timeline for it. Was talking to tom at comic con about it and he wants to do somethin big for it.. it seems fitting that i aim my sights towards that

5. Madness Day
This is skeptical considering the timeline but who knows maybe ill throw something quick for it out of appreciation to my beloved gun-happy friend Matt...


As much as I'd like to devote this all to me and my doings, I'm required by law to share things other people are doing that interest me... no particular order

- Pico movie by Jimmy Savage, supposably its going to be out this month. Anything pico related interests me but this movie in particular caught my eye in the alphas. Nice guy too. And hes from virginia as wellllll...

-Waterlollies by Adam P. - hadnt visited his site in awhile but i did so last night after he emailed me, that movie looks like its going to be insaaaaaane. I like how hes staying agressive, some artists tend to plateau out when they reach a certain level.

-Freetown - never really followed Rtil's work that much but i was poking around his site and his sketchwork is phenomenal, as much as i love the mouse and flash, i totally have a soft spot in my heart for the traditional way of art. I like have a eyegasm when i see sketchbook work.. specially figure drawings... i could draw naked people all day. the human body is such an interesting form. Makes me wish i was back in art school.

Well thats it.. oh one more plug, i was moderately entertained by my pal McBean and his Shark or not shark movie. I had long forgotten what a great sense of humor that guy has.

2 in the morning

2007-08-13 20:34:09 by Luis

So, yeah, I got bored and made this.
This'll teach him to try to animate at 2 in the morning.

See ya!
-Lu <3

2:01 in the morning

2007-08-13 15:54:49 by Luis

I'm gonna make a movie right now.

Sorry bout the ban spreee

2007-08-12 16:24:48 by Luis

Actually i ended up not banning anyone, I guess i know better than to patrol the forum while drunk. Besides my friends would think I'm a bigger nerd than they already do.

Anyways, I finally got my shit together and got my monthly Artist-of-the-Month feature up for August. I'm late as shit but I was really swamped with things and I thought that getting my new movie was more important. Nonetheless I did get two of the main things i wanted to get done this month done, now i just need to wrap up the sketchbook tour and this can be penciled in as a productive month.

For those of you not familiar with the whole Artist-of-the-Month thing, basically it is a more regularly updated version of the DevSpot on the NG Alphas. I always loved reading peoples interviews and since Tom lovingly neglects that minisite, I decided to take it upon myself to build my own stash of interviews. It's actually panned out better than anticipated and is probably the largest traffic bringer on my site on months where i dont release anything of my own.

I think I'm running out of people I could interview though, so if you have any idea for someone who you think wouldnt mind being roasted for like 15 mins or whatever let me know. It's times like these I wish I could frequent the portal more and see whats fresh or up and coming in terms of talent.

K thats all.


Patron Margaritas

2007-08-11 21:14:13 by Luis

Just had 4 of them, they are awesome. Anyone that says the brand of tequila you use doesnt really matter ( i used to be one of em) is crazy.

thank goodness for my faux mexican sensibilities. and now i will go on a banning spree

New Short: Machete

2007-08-08 10:09:18 by Luis

Feels good to get back into animation.

Slaved over this puppy for a few days.

Thank you buzzwerd for masturbating boy.

Thank you swain for blockhead being shot in the face.

And thank you whomever i still have to thank.

Im going to bed.

So today is luis day.. again...

2007-08-07 03:36:40 by Luis

For the record both of these luis day things sprung up without my knowledge.. i find these day themed things dumb but if people get really into em all the better for them to be creative. So yeah thats the disclaimer.

So yeah if you find any luis day entries let me know the titles so i can go look em up since you cant link things inside comments.. I'm gonna try and atleast look at all of em.

Althought this has gotten really silly.. maybe ill finish my movie today.

anyway THANK YOU. to anyone with enough boredom on their mind to actually throw something together.

Updated Comic Con Gallery

2007-08-04 22:18:17 by Luis

Well I posted a slew of new pics and I felt it necessary to share that with you because it took a long time. Thanks to Mindchamber, SFB, frank, afro-ninja and others for theirs. Will continue uploading more as i get them. Just PM me if you want to contribute

Heres my favorite pic. Mindchamber and his date.

Visit the Gallery Here

Updated Comic Con Gallery