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Luis's News

Posted by Luis - 2 weeks ago

Saw a bump of new activity on the website and thought i'd dust off my userpage post and post a new one.

I've been mostly active on the art portal side of stuff. I don't have time for much these days but I still NEED my creative outlet to manifest itself in some way, so I've been making animated gifs. They are fun to make, they usually only take an hour or so and I can get my fix and still have a pulse in the community.

If you haven't got around to it, please do check out my latest art portal submissions. Let me know what you think, pound that like button or not, or whatever.

As I've said, i havent had time to really dive into my large projects, I will do at some point, that's my best outlook. I'm usually pretty good about replying to DM's and my social platforms outside of here are just twitter mostly. I use instagram, but mostly for my other hobby of finding weird drinks and visiting weird countries. I throw my art there too, but mostly its just cocktail art.

I forgot that NG has the ability to post WIP's to submissions, so with my latest gif (Bowser) i was able to show some of the construction of it. I'll continue to do so moving forward.

On a personal life note, I am still on my travel bullshit, i am roughly 4 years away from having visited every country in Europe. I'm pretty stoked and have become kind of obsessed about achieving that being so close, my next few stops include Ukraine, Macedonia, Malta and Estonia.

See u later!



Posted by Luis - December 17th, 2018

What a lovely surprise before the holidays, 10,000 people (or bots) who appreciate the work I put up on this website!  Super honored and i'll keep on making stuff for you.  Speaking of making stuff, I'm mostly active on the art portal these days, little gifs mostly, it's all i have time to make and i use it to let off steam.

As for games go, I'd say we're about 85% done with the 10th anniversary hd version of castle crashing the beard.  As with most projects, a simple idea ended up being a large ordeal.  It looks sharp though!  I'm hoping it will be done in the next few months. 

I take great pride in having my stuff make its home here, and only here. i purposely don't put stuff on youtube and i never will.



Posted by Luis - August 30th, 2017


So rare i get to participate in an animated collab these days, more like 3 YEARS. Which kind of sucks considering it was my bread and butter for the early part of my animation career, guess its part of what happens as you get older and time is harder to come by!  Still though, it was nice to see this project come to a conclusion. Wasn't sure what to expect and at times i considered giving up on my part (it was only 4 seconds or so but still i'm just so rarely at my own computer).  

So if you haven't taken a look, please do, alot of people, new artists, legendary artists, old artists, artists ive collabed with many times in the past, etc worked on this. Its a nice little project. It was nice to be part of it, i dont usually care for video game related stuff. THANK YOU




Posted by Luis - June 13th, 2017

I was talking to someone graduating college in a matter of days the other day and he asked me if i had any advice or insight about the creative market after working in the field so long (15 years so far). Gave him kind of a meh answer at the time but its been on my mind alot lately and I figured i should jot it down before i forget my thoughts on it.
For a long time I've always felt i DIDNT have good advice.
I felt dumb / weird answering questions like that because its such an awkward confrontational question, and you feel a scorching amount of heat of not being able to give some steve jobs-level sage advice.
But after critical thought and soul searching, i've realized I CAN answer that question and actually SHOULD.
While I could pick MANY different angles, and turn this into a mini-autobiography the size of a small bible, i wont. Ill pick one.

I moved here to philadelphia, in 2010. I HATED philadelphia, i hated visiting here on field trips, i didnt particularly care for it during mod meet-ups and newgrounds events. It was just dirty, rude, and you can't buy beer from gas stations for some reason. Why would i possibly want to move there, and when i first did, i asked myself the same thing. I think over the years I came to the realization and the true value of surrounding yourself with people that support and elevate you. For me that was people like @TomFulp and @Afro-Ninja, and @The-Swain, and Stamper, and all the other people who brought out the best in me while i was here.

So i think my advice, is to seek out that same sort of company, it could be physically, by moving somewhere, could be virtually, by joining discord groups, or forums or communities (newgrounds is a good example) of people who bring out the best in you. I think then, you start to find purpose in your work and you feel better in your decision making processes as a result.

As with any piece of advice, its worth nothing if it was a one way channel, so i think its just as important to also give back that same support and love for the people in your industry.

Fast forward to today, i do actually love living in philadelphia, piss smell subway stations and all, and i think a large part of that was in part to the people i surrounded myself with.
In a nutshell, who knows where else i may end up, or even if i'll like wherever that city / town ends up being, as long as i surround myself with people who believe in what i do and challenge and elevate my creative visions, ill be OK, and you will too.

The End.


Posted by Luis - January 6th, 2017


I am kind of embarassed I've been gone so long and my last post was um last year around this time. I think the root of the matter is I'm in this vagabond stage of my life/career, I'm heavily into like the design side of the creative business but my mind is always active and thinking of stuff, game ideas what have you, but my time is so slim these days that the outlet for those is usually little gifs or an occasional small game.   In past years, I'd consider that a disappointment, and im sure to some of my fans it definitely is. But I think its par for where I'm at right now. 

That said, I am working on a game currently with the Pesto Force guy, and a few other people. Kind of happy with how its going and how quickly its coming together.  Its also a rare game where I'm publicly open about the WIP stuff, i'm usually kind of secretive, not because i think someone might 'steal' it, but because im not really comfortable showing unpolished ideas. But that game is actually just one big unapoligetic unpolished idea. Anyway, it should be done soonish. It may be unbalanced and kind of rough but thats okay i think.

As inactive as I've been, i do still follow the art scene, i quietly have the endless artist streams in the corner of my window as i work, and its kind of nice to see something come out of nothing and say hey i was there when it was just a sketch.  (Shadman's stuff comes to mind)

I'd like to continue doing that, I'm trying to find a 'regularly' scheduled art stream i can incorporate into my schedule, like knowing someone always is doing streams every tuesday or whatever. I'm a creature of habit and it'd be nice to follow streams that are consistent.  I wish newgrounds had like a blinking light or something next to a screename to denote they are streaming. Kind of how like the header of the site has this little streaming blurb when the office is streaming something. Something along those lines but on the user level would be cool, if doable.

so YEA. Have a good year.



Posted by Luis - January 4th, 2016


Long time no see! I promised myself I'd make more of a presence this year, so despite not feeling particularly great (seasonal depression is it called? is that a real thing?) i thought itd be good to say hello.

Last year was kind of quiet for me creatively here, couple reasons for that, professionally, I've been doing more front-end than animation/art, i kind of like it, not sure if i like it MORE, but its rewarding in its own way, and the turnaround times are tighter and ship out faster.  That said, I was short handed on my team for most of the year so there was no shortage in things to do myself. My commute to work was brutal, and the work was brutal, and while I learned alot, I had little time to dedicate to animation/game projects.

That said, I need to really put the pedal to the metal for a game for that Pixel Day event later this month. Didn't do as much work as I thought last week (i left my files at the office amongst other things) so got my work cut out for me. Still feel like its doable tho.

Thats all in a nutshell, I've been talking to more animators again, and starting to make other peoples work my business so hopefully that will inspire my own stuff. Ok thats all!  Glad things are moving in the right direction here at NG, youtube, well i wont even talk about that.



Posted by Luis - July 8th, 2009

Recently, BoMToons mentioned that Castle Crashing the Beard crossed the 1 million views mark here at newgrounds. That made me happy and boggled my mind because the game was just a poke at Tom. I guess it just goes to show that you can never really predict how people will recieve a game. Sometimes you work your ass off and it totally flops, and sometimes a dumb fun idea ends up being something well recieved.



- Winners posted here

Win pink castle crasher or a Fail sticker

Posted by Luis - June 30th, 2009

Well I finally got around to leveraging Jonas' photos and throwing them together in a semi cohesive set of wizard con pages. Thanks to everyone that flew/drove in and supported the site. Next stop, San Diego Comic Con!

Secondly, in my previous post, I mentioned that I had 5 blank skateboard decks that i would be sending off to various users to customize and send back. Most of them are already spoken for but if you have any interest in possibly being part of that project, drop me a PM.

This is my favorite photo from wizard world.

Wizard World Photo Hub

Wizard Con photos and other shit

Posted by Luis - June 9th, 2009

I've been taking a break from animation this week and I've been playing Fallout 3 instead and drawing picturez. I made this small run through of a series of newgrounds themed Vault Boy's i've been working on. I'll do all 60 this week. Eventually will be in the art portal but for now you can track them all via the art forum thread HERE


*ignore that i had ie open as my browser. lmao

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Posted by Luis - June 8th, 2009

Happy birthday!

Lets giveaway another set of soapy brass knuckles in his name!

Same deal as before, just get your one post in and on friday i'll punch you into the random name generator 2000 and see what happens. Fallensoul289 won last time.

You can be whatever level you want this time.