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New site, and giving away money bag again.

2009-05-13 20:17:41 by Luis

Well, I redesigned my website, cause everyone else was doing it. I hadnt updated my site since October so it was much needed. I simplified the whole thing so its just a big feed of things. I got tired of commenting systems and all that shit. I dont think people visit personal websites to hang out anyway, they just want to know if you've done something new and what else of interest you may have done. My site does that, and only that.

++++ The winner of the Money Bag was DanMasterFlash ++++

New site, and giving away money bag again.

Pink Castle Crasher Food Contest Results

2009-04-28 19:24:11 by Luis

So 2 weeks ago we had a competition of who could make the best lookin edible Pink Castle crasher. Today is the day we announced the winners so check them out HERE.

Alternatively you can also view/comment on em via the discussion thread @ general forum

Huge THANK YOU to everyone who made something, kind of a new type of contest and we werent sure how successful/unsuccessful it would be. I mean asking NG forum users to trade their spam gloves for kitchen mitts. Anyway needless to say it was awesome and we'll have to do more of those kinds of things in the future. Whether you won or not I hope you had fun with it and enjoyed eating whatever you made.


Pink Castle Crasher Food Contest Results

Win a Pink Castle Crasher

2009-04-13 18:45:29 by Luis

You may have seen Tom's post on creative folks... he mentioned someone who created a tray of castle crashers sushi

Well as is always the case, they left out the pink one. So this is where you come in:

All you need to do is create an edible pink castle crasher. It could be the whole body, it could just be the head like the example below. It could be made of sushi, it could be candy, baked, whatever you want. The point is you have to be able to eat it.

Once you finish, you snap a picture and post it in this thread. The most creative one(s) will get a Pink Castle Crasher as seen below. I gave a few away a few months ago and they are kinda rare because theres only like 12 or so floating around.

So if you're the only one who ends up making something then you are an easy winnar.
Go put on your apron, gogogogo

Deadline is Sunday April 26th

Win a Pink Castle Crasher

Okay, so its 1am and I've finally finished reading and mulling over the e-mails I got.
I managed to pull together a list of people who made it in.

You can see it here:

SBT 09: Roster


If you didnt get in, then obviously I hope you dont take it personally. I have to make a cut off somewhere. I will write you an e-mail so it doesnt seem totally heartless but yea.
Each year the tour rises a bit on people we let in so its not like I purposely enjoy shutting people out.
Sorry :(


If you DID get in, you should have gotten instructions. If you see your name on that roster and you DIDNT get an e-mail. Send me a PM

Shake the world, and your dick possibly.

2009-04-11 13:14:17 by Luis

Shake the World is TODAY, so go and do something creative with your one minute of fame, its only hours away depending on your time zone.

Check the link for more inf. I think ill actually be at a wedding while its happening in my time zone so it might be more interesting than i originally thought it would be.


In other news, I'll be in australia next week getting my newgroundz on with a bunch of people.

If youre in that part of the world and want to say hai, or buy me a drink then show up.


in other other news, im in a good mood, lets give away a shirt dollar today! Just junk comment like you all usually do. I'll random pick a user comment and you'll win a whole buck. Yes a token of our sagging economy

Also heresss a Retro game done in flash. I found it mildly entertaining and you will too!


Lastly, I submitted somethin today!

Shake the world, and your dick possibly.

Firstly, the deadline to be in the pool of artists for the 2009 sketchbook tour is next week so if you have any interest to be part of that, browse through the thread or past userpage posts and see what you gotta do.


In other news, I was over at the NG office and we wrapped up the Teddy Troopers Contest, it actually started last year and I fell behind and bla bla, the point is; its done and we had some awesome things.


The last piece of news is that I'll be in Australia in about 10 or so days, we'll try and have a newgrounds based meet up over there, for further details you can goto Rubber Ninja's userpage.


Teddy Troopers Contest Photos + other shit

Win a bag of money!

2009-03-31 18:10:18 by Luis

Okay, the REAL reason I made a post is to tell you that the NG Sketchbook Tour 09 deadline is April 12th. If you have any intention at all to be part of that, all you have to do is send an e-mail before the deadline to: OR

Please do not send PSD's, drawings or anything. All you need to do is write an e-mail saying you want to be in the pool of artists to participate. There is space for 200 artists this year so it shouldnt be as cut throat as next year, then again theres already like 180 people who've sent e-mails. Either way, you have nothing to lose but an email i guess!


THE WINNER OF THIS PRIZE WAS SuperDeagle. Claim your prize by PMing me.

*DISCLAIMER: you're only winning the canvas bag, not the actual photoshopped money. You can fill it up with whatever you want thats your of problem! This aint no govt bail-out

Win a bag of money!

gotoAndStart: Sketchbook Tour 2009

2009-03-23 21:44:24 by Luis

***UPDATE*** IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING E-MAIL PROBLEMS SEND YOUR E-MAIL TO: I think the NG mail server had a brain fart. You can also PM me worst case scenario.


I promised I would start this shit at the end of March and as we come to the last full week of March; off we go. This year there will be 200 pages sent out. If you are unfamiliar with the sketchbook tour you can look at last year's or you can also read through the FAQ below. Whether you are a newcomer or a returning artist, do give the FAQ a read-through as the process has been tweaked as a result of the mess that was last year when it filled up in like the first few hours.


1a - If you are a past sketchbook tour artist, its pretty easy. All you need to do is e-mail: Include your username either in the title or the body of your e-mail. You dont need to include your mailing address at this point. Just write a one liner expressing interest, or if it makes you feel better you can write your life story or something inspiring. E-mailing is easier to keep track of than the many PM's I get for other stuff so thats why theres a dedicated mailbox for this project this time around.

1b - If you are a NEW sketchbook tour artist, you also need to send a mail to: Include your username in the title or body of your email. You must also include one or two lines expressing why you'd like to be part of the sketchbook tour or what you think you have to offer to the project. You have to figure that I'll have to cut people eventually so try to make yourself look atleast semi-appealing or interested.

2 - Now you wait, I want to go through every request/userpage and screen through people so that it doesnt become an automated cold process. I'll drop you a pm requesting your mail info when the sign-up phase is over. Whether you are an old user or not, ill still request your mailing info because I never keep your info beyond the project. That'd be creepy.

Thats it. The first phase of the project is pretty simple. Future phases will be posted as we reach them.

The deadline to sign up for this year's sketchbook tour is April 12

It doesnt matter if you sign up now or later, as long as its before the deadline. I'll go through every user and then post a list of the lineup after the deadline is expired. Obviously I cant take everyone if its beyond 200, but I feel that 200 gives old and new people enough of a chance to be in this growing project.


Here's an FAQ if you are new or dont remember what youre supposed to do.

Q: What is the SBT?
Its a project that started in 2006, where originally, pages from a sketchbook were sent all over the world. Yes thats snail mail. Artists recieve their page, draw whatever they want, throw it in an envelope and mail it back to sender. At the end of a long process of mail tag, the entries are consolidated into a Flash piece showcasing everyones work.

Q:Does it cost money to participate?
Yes and no. The project itself is free to anyone, wether you are an artist or not. All you need is the desire to create art. Once you get your page, you do have to mail it back. So that cost is one you will have to absorb. It's usually not terribly expensive to mail a sheet of paper. But in the past some people thought I had to pay postage. I pay for it to get it to you. YOU pay to mail it back.

Q:I dont want to disclose my mailing address, can I just draw something in Paint and email it?
Sorry, the whole point of this project is that its taking art back to the old school. Paper and pencil(or whatever medium you decide). It isnt the same if everyone just sits there and draws it on their tablet. If you are super concerned about your privacy then just dont participate

Q:When do I have to return my entry?
All instructions including address and deadline will be included with your page. Stay tuned, I'll remind you once we get to that point.

Q:I'm not an artist, I'm an actionscripter/bbs poster/moderator/whatever. but i enjoy drawing on paper, am I allowed to participate?
Yes, be sure to follow the instructions above if you are a newcomer. Failing to do so will get you put on the 'if there is enough space' column. This project is a high-demand annual project so naturally not everyone can be in it. SO it would make sense if you make an appealing case when you send over an e-mail.


If you have any other questions, let me know either via PM or here on this post or through

There is also a discussion thread setup in the art forum - here

gotoAndStart: Sketchbook Tour 2009

Amsterdam hangover, Australia Meet and beyond

2009-03-14 15:42:14 by Luis

After the release of Portal Defenders, I decided to take a break from Flash and goto some NG related events, two weekends ago I spent the weekend with Swain and a few other Florida goons for MegaCon and then i flew out to Amsterdam to host an Amsterdam meet last weekend. I had a chance to meet up with regulars from previous meet-ups like Luka and also get to meet fellow flash-crushes Catoblepas and W-P-S.
It was a great little meet and i came back with a greater drive to push towards new locales. So in an effort to put an exclamation point on shit, I'm going to wrap things up in Australia next month. Melbourne to be exact. It'll be April 16-20 and exact times and guest list and thread in the forums are to be forthcoming. If you happen to be around that part of the world and you have nothing to do, come on out say helloooo. More info on NG related events can be found on the NG FB events page. Theres alot of stuff going on over the summer including San Diego Comic Con in July, Philly Wizard World in late June, Montreal meet in early June, etc etc etc

Anywho heres a photo from Orlando and then Amsterdam as a prize for making it this far down my post.

* Ive also FINALLY completed the London Meet VI photo hub. I was missing a few mugshots and photos but now they are all there and you can browse through all 340+ photos of the event including Luka's video at the end.


Amsterdam hangover, Australia Meet and beyond

New Game :3 Portal Defenders

2009-02-26 15:37:15 by Luis

I couldnt think of a cute title for this post, probably cause im so sleepy. Anyway what was originally going to be a week long mini-project, grew into a 5 month affair, has finallly reached its clitoral climax.

Portal Defenders

The basic concept of this game stemmed back when Castle Crashers came out, we thought (me and BoMToons) wouldnt it be fun to use the little characters in the intro and make something with them. So we had initially just had these two characters beating up these random characters and so then one thing lead to another, and every round of characters we'd finish we'd step back and say, oh you cant have a newgrounds based game without a cameo by Glaiel, then BoM would come back and be like well if youre going to have him then you must include Psychogoldfish.. etc

This went on for about 5 months... its actually been a cool experience atleast for me, cause i never realized just how much inspiration and content this site has to draw from. I mean even popular flash movies/games aside, the personalities that troll/spam/work this place are like the perfect catalyst of inspiration.

That being said, go check it out. Its got alot of cool little suprises and NG/Psychogoldfish has been gracious in allowing us to flagship the achievement system. So any achievements you gain are logged and you should see them on the movie page when you come back to it.

New Game :3 Portal Defenders