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NG Sketchbook Tour 07

2007-09-29 17:06:29 by Luis

Yeah its dela-- actually no i finally submitted it.

Mucho thanks to Glaiel-Gamer and The-Swain for their major help.

Also thanks to Mogly for helping me get the whole thing started and to Pezzo for linking up entries to all 76 entries.

Major thanks also to everyone who was part of it. Sorry it took so long!


New collab idea

2007-09-23 04:13:48 by Luis

Even though i have like 20 million projects already on my plate, i wanted to get my mojo back so i developed a really fast moving collab. I thought itd be a good opportunity for seasoned animators to tangle with up and coming ones in a project that doesnt demand a huge amount of sweat.

In a nutshell, everyday the link to the fla will change with the part that the winning animation of the day before. The idea is that everyday the movie will grow organically. It features simple outlines so it should be fairly doable. I was able to do my part in like an hour.

Heres the link to the thred.

Thread of the collab

I am still working on my other projects so dont gimmie a hard time about the Sketchbook tour and One o clock jump II.

New collab idea

NG Rumble meets Madness Day

2007-09-23 00:50:35 by Luis

Neg and Chamber snuck in a delightful addon to NG Rumble, you can now play as Hank.

I havent messed with it much but cant wait till they add a story mode to him.

Go play here

NG Rumble meets Madness Day

Canada meetup coming up...

2007-09-20 00:54:16 by Luis

So yeah theres another get together brewing... this one is in toronto.

be thereeee Nov 3

Thread link here

Tom as an inspirational speaker

2007-09-18 20:42:39 by Luis

So I was going through my tapes and just uploading scraps from comic con 2006... this one was worth mentioning so check it out. Krinkels provides comic relief while Tom spills his SOUL.

Tom as an inspirational speaker

London Meetup & Sketchbook Tour update

2007-09-16 23:03:00 by Luis

Well It's been awhile since I blogged here or whatever. I've been fairly productive since coming back, I finally finished up the UK meetup photo page(s) I uploaded a few youtubes of it. I finished all the art that I needed to get done for the sketchbook tour, I'll be giving it a final beta test on tuesday and I confidently expect to have that out of my hair this week.

Seriously I apoligize for it taking this long, I think the root of the problem was that I didnt work on it BEFORE mod meet and after that its been a slew of trips every month and its just been hell.

Anywho if you have yet to look at the london meetup pages do so, and if you've already seen it then go back there cause im finally finished with it. I'll trickle more photos in but its done for the moment.

London Meetup Hub

Heres one of my favorite youtubes from the meet:

The-EXP issues a flash-off oh noezzz!!!!!!

NG London Meetup : Aftermath

2007-09-10 23:35:56 by Luis

Well i just got back from an 8 hr flight back from London, did that whole NG London meetup thing that i had hyped in my last post.. twas really fun. I was nervous that i'd travel so far and have people not show up but we had a great group. I felt very at home, everyone was very friendly and happy to be there and i'll post a full fledged album once i get photos from the super-flash-bros and other people who had cameras. If you ever get a chance to attend these meetups wether its via Comic Cons or whatever i think you definately should, its a great testament to the family that newgrounds has become and actually you feel more excited about reviewing and going through peoples submissions of those you met.

This following link is a work in progress but feel free to poke around.
London Meetup 07

or if you want to look at all the pics visit the SFB's page and read Tom's post on his userpage

Now for my thank yous:

-HUGE thanks to Tom of the Super-flash-bros, extremely accomidating. He took it upon himself to serve as the tour leader and he was very knowledgeable of shit

-Next thanks to Mogly, for hangin out with me 95% of my time there, was great to never feel like i was in some strange place all by myself.

-Thanks to Zoy for getting me from the station and getting me to my hotel, really impressed by the level of hospitality everyone had for me. <3

-And lastly just everyone in general, Bezman, Kirk-Cocaine, Dim, Tommylm and everyone who made my trip over worthwhile in spades.

I'll have to have another go next year.

NG London Meetup : Aftermath

Hola puta!

2007-09-01 23:14:50 by Luis

So I thought i'd waste my front page posting priveledges on this post even though its fairly non-major.

I. Artist-of-the-Month: For the 5 people who actually still visit my site, I actually was a good webmaster and did a new interview on time this month. This month the interview is with the always amusing Marc M Check it out if you feel like it!

II. Theres a NG London meetup going on this upcoming weekend. I think theres another one in Canada in October, i should be at both.

III. Sketchbook Tour 07: Glaiel should be wrapping it up this weekend. I'm thinking i'll have it ready by the time im back from Londonistan. It's a fucking tough month because i dont want to submit when my friends are submitting shit... Thurs. Sept 13 seems like a good date, itll be one week before madness day and before the Waterlollies
I put in another order for shirts, the first 20 are gone now. So yeah incase anyone cares or is wondering why their order is taking long.

IIII. Two O Clock Jump: I have all the parts now and I still have a long way in putting it together, rather than multi-task im gonna release the sketchbook tour first and then worry about this later. Its going to be more organic than the first one and no drug references!!!!

IIIII. Go check out ConAir's Userpage... I like the themed userpage trend. I was going to change mine but this one is still pretty new so i'll be changing it later this month. I also have to reskin Tommy's.

Hola puta!

New motif coming oh and happy birthday

2007-08-31 09:07:57 by Luis

Going to try and work on a new header and user icon since tmrw is Sept 1.

Also I wanted to go ahead and make this post and wish my partner in crime, TommyLM a happy birthday.

Thats all really... oh i heard rtil's Freetown comes out this weekend. Thats kind of exciting!

September should be a brutal month, the Waterlollies is coming later in the month, Rtil's movie, sketchbook tour?, and one o clock jump II ? oh and Madness day.

Anywho, itll be a good month me thinks. Enjoy this post, itll be bumped out tmrw.

Oh in regards to my change in userpage, I was thinking itd be cool to showcase other artists around newgrounds rather than around the web. So i'll probably poke aroud and base my motif around an artist i enjoy... That legend of kalle comes to mind currently.


The L Train

2007-08-24 20:39:20 by Luis

I finally got around to personalizing my page. I used to do it alot at sheezyart. I call this the L-train motif.
I think ill change my userpage as often as i change my underwear....

on a monthly basis.