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So today is luis day.. again...

2007-08-07 03:36:40 by Luis

For the record both of these luis day things sprung up without my knowledge.. i find these day themed things dumb but if people get really into em all the better for them to be creative. So yeah thats the disclaimer.

So yeah if you find any luis day entries let me know the titles so i can go look em up since you cant link things inside comments.. I'm gonna try and atleast look at all of em.

Althought this has gotten really silly.. maybe ill finish my movie today.

anyway THANK YOU. to anyone with enough boredom on their mind to actually throw something together.

Updated Comic Con Gallery

2007-08-04 22:18:17 by Luis

Well I posted a slew of new pics and I felt it necessary to share that with you because it took a long time. Thanks to Mindchamber, SFB, frank, afro-ninja and others for theirs. Will continue uploading more as i get them. Just PM me if you want to contribute

Heres my favorite pic. Mindchamber and his date.

Visit the Gallery Here

Updated Comic Con Gallery

Jmtb02 and comic con link again.

2007-08-02 23:17:57 by Luis

Hmm yeah people need to stop sending me suggestions of the next meetup... make your own dammnnnn ...


Comic Con Archive : Pics & Vids

2007-07-30 20:30:55 by Luis

Just started throwing this together... its still ghetto but you can find some pics from the comic con and a few youtube videos.. i'll be updating it all this week so just casually check up on it.

Anyone who wants to contribute to it feel free to pm me.

Comic con over

2007-07-29 23:49:17 by Luis

Well its over and im finally back home. Thought i'd share my thoughts on the whole ordeal.

It was pretty cool.. there were pluses and some minuses and i think as ng continues to be a prescense those minuses will be moot.

The great thing about it this year was meeting everyone, it was quite cool to meet up with users you've only known by screename or flash movie... met all kinds of people, hashbrown, atomic-noodle, the-swain, the milburn brothers, the super flash bros, etc etc...

That part about it was beyond what i expected and it was almost surreal at one point and me and tom were sitting there saying how bizarre it is to survey our dinner table and you got krinkles gossiping with johnnyutah, you got tom of the superflashbros discussing actionscript with DrNeroCF, then you had dustball mingling with Rog, the-swain making impersonitations for Stamper, it was just reaaaaallly bizarre and kind of cool, i mentioned to tom look at what you built here, the amount of talent at this dinner table is mind blowing we should all mate and have this ginormous flash prodigy baby.

Even meeting people who arent household names was cool, its so awesome to have people from the actual clockcrew interogate me about my clockday movie last year.. its just really humbling and if anything i came back more interested and intruiged about people, id like to definately make it my effort to work with people i never thought of before, rtil, the-swain, drnero, etc.

If there was a negative to the experience its that the newgrounds booth is far from feeling like a real booth. The fliers they passed out were cool but it explained nothing about what the site was about, you had to be already associated to know oh ok thats blockhead yeah ng is about games and movies... i think the flier bombed as a form of getting new people intruiged by it. Furthermore the banner on the top of the booth had no anywhere.. there werent controllers setup for people to stop and play some games .. or nothin. If you knew nothing about ng youd walk by and think it was a t-shirt company. I almost hope that ng can live in its own booth rather than share one with the behemoth.. they are different entities and it always felt like they stole the limelight.. annoying.

If i met you at the con, and i didnt already give you a shout out drop me a pm.. there were a few users whom i am not familiar with but i wanted to learn more about how they fit into ng.
willl post pics and videos later when im not so tired

Greetings from Comic Con

2007-07-25 18:12:45 by Luis

Well after a hideously long flight, im finally here in San Diego, i'll be staying with your pal Afro-Ninja so now ill wait for him to arrive and then we'll head down to the con to pick up our passes.

I'll post back here occasionally, i have yet to check if the comic con cam is up and functional.


wtf am i doing here....

2007-07-24 11:55:20 by Luis

Well I should be off to Comic Con in a matter of hours, i should probably be trimming stickers instead of typing this dumb blog but i wanted to switch up the mood from my previous one, i felt sick looking at it.

In other news, I've finally come to terms with myself and my stubburness and have decided to support my partner in crime, TommyLM and the game hes finishing up. Its been the source of a never ending feud because it was originally sponsored by AG before the whole lord bling mess and when i heard of it, i became furious. I went as far as refusing to ever look at what Tommy's been working on.. which apparently is something quite substantial. I guaranteed him id never play it nor speak of it and i wasnt budging. It cause a large rift and he was (rightfully) disappointed that someone who he respects so much is so hellbent on not acknowledging something hes working so hard on...

This went on for months and months.. and after all the bullshit that happend last week.. i thought to myself; some fights are just not worth it... lifes too short to be upset at someone... and i dont even have a right to be upset... i can dislike AG but why am i taking it out and beating up on one of my best friends...
so yeah i thought i'd clear the air about that. Not that you care, but also this blog will forever remind me that ive made up my mind to let it go, as i already had second thoughts about it.. im just a very stubburn person and i hate to bend for ANYONE.

Bleh.. Here comes that emo post!!!

2007-07-23 21:18:58 by Luis

Bleh ... its kind of bizarre i was making light of how id be making all these emo posts and yet today here i am making one.

Its been a somewhat akward past week, last week my grandmother got diagnosed with some sort of cancer, and this morning the kid of one of my relatives was killed in a wreck. I'm somewhat annoyed with myself cause my personality is somewhat cold and im like very non emo type and so like last week when my mom told me about my grandmother it was so fuckin akward cause im not one that is the comforting kind or the deeply emotional so i was just sort of unphased looking and looked more annoyed than anything and it was such an akward silence between my mom and i... in hindsight i feel like such a dickhead for not reacting to it like a normal person... anyway this morning was sort of surreal, and i been thinking about it all day how horrible it must be to wake up to find that your son's car is plastered on the morning news... bleh.
In a way its one of those cliche 'why do bad things happen to good people type of thing' ... this kid was straight up nerd kind, never dabbled in drugs like i did, never went about life in an utterly wreckless self destructive manner like have .. etc etc..

Luckly im gonna be in san diego this week and ill miss out on having to goto his funeral or what not.. but damn talk about a buzz kill...

So there we go, i wanted an emo post so badly .. its unfortunate that i finally got it.

Hola mi gente,
Well I'm not making as much progress as I'd have liked on my movie but I'm still aiming for August 7th. We'll see... I have to keep reminding myself that this upcoming week is pretty much a lost cause because of comic con shenanigans.

Speaking of which.. i had a bunch of sticker paper laying about.. so yea i thought itd be fun to make 200 of these things.

Comic Con this week... and other stufffs

Insert catchy title here

2007-07-19 12:33:36 by Luis

I figure I should actually make useful news posts here, that HD sprite contest deadline is creeping up quick, i have to find time to finish up the one I'm working on. I have come to the conclusion that anytime i make YouTube tutorial out of what im working on it dooms it from being released.. its like a bad omen or something. I was going to do a lip synching tutorial on what I'm currently working on but maybe i shouldnt.. :/

What am i working on... well I'm looking to submit something on August 7th.. supposeably thats when the actual Luis day was and i think i had this idea to have this self glorifying movie with subtle NG related in jokes ... i have been far from active flash wise and this will definately get me back in work mode.

In other news I've been talking to the guy who made that Pico birthday party game for pico day this last year, that game has alot of potential to be something grand and I hope we can work on it and take it to the next level.

I heard JimmySavage is coming out with his Pico day submission next month.. he has such a refreshing style on the characters I really want to see what he came up with. If you look at his alphas entry its coming together pretty well, the stills look sharp we'll have to see if the animation is up to snuff.

Also feel free to pm me with shit you are working on, i think its really motivating to see what other people are up to, this whole userpage thing has really grown on me.

I'm gonna see if i can post some pictures from comic con next week.

Heres a tutorial i just made on lip synching.