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2007-07-18 00:19:43 by Luis

I didnt feel like making a post quite this soon but i suppose i should. I was getting tired of the AIM name thealmightylou, its like 10 yrs old and I thought since ng redesigned I want to also redesign my AIM persona, almightylou sounds so conceited and also i HATE being called lu, lou, lu-lu, lui or any further shortenings of MY ALREADY SHORT NAME.

So yeah new AIM NAME. Thats post worthy.

Also check out that ng redesign movie/collab thing I *think* im finally co-authored.... Im going to slit my wrists otherwise. /emo


Sketchbook Tour 07 and One o Clock Jump 2 Collab update.

2007-07-16 21:48:06 by Luis

Hola Redesign Visitors,

Look at this place all shiny and shit.. anyway aside from the obvious redesign theres some other stuff going on.

I'm gonna try and be as emo as i can cause i want my journal to be really personal and like the diary i keep under my pillow. Before I pour my soul out to you I think its imperative to know what im up to Flashwise cause I've been out of the scene for awhile trying to be lazy and enjoy the success of NGR.

Its actually been quite a good thing tho, i think creatively you get stuck in a rut if you stay stuck in the flash world for long periods. I'm back feeling refreshed and with new energy, I just recently completed a collab on th redesign. Who knows when Jmtb02 will submit it.

Secondly, the infamous Sketchbook Tour 07, I know its running dangerously late. But if you dont check the thread often, basically I've been waiting for this redesign to release so i can leverage some of the visual cues into the piece both print and online versions. People will moan and groan but each year it should feel different and so I felt that angle would be fresh, itll definately be a step up online wise... I'm gonna have an ACTUAL actionscripter take over the interactive elements so that its not just a slideshow like the last one and it becomes this robust experience.

Last but not least, theres a One o clock Jump 2 collab running now, hosted by yours truly. You can monitor the thread.

Its been two years since the original (w0w) and far too long to be honest and I was poking around the Audio Portal and I came across this gem, really perfect piece for the project.

So its on bitchessss.... only 9 parts available so that everyone can be coauthored and have this done properly. Of course anyone can try out for it and i'll be inviting my own goons over, TimFrommeyer, Pako, etc.. I've talked to Adam Phillips about it and hes swamped but he said he may cameo on a smaller part for the sake of being a good sport. Who knows.

Ok thats alot of typing i'll be emo next time. I PROMASSS.