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Luis's News

Posted by Luis - September 8th, 2008

I was stuck indoors most of the weekend thanks to whatever hurricane that was. I suppose that was a blessing in disguise considering I managed to finish the photo hub for the London Meet that took place last weekend. I've linked to it below. I'll be adding some video and other photos to it as I get them but its at a good enough state where it can go live.

In other news, I'm working on the Sketchbook Tour this week, mostly scanning the 110 entries I've gotten back. fun times. I've also got a shit game I'm also working off and on, on. K, thats all.

London Meet 3 Photo Hub

***senseless photo swap***

NG London Meet 3 Photos etc. etc.

Posted by Luis - September 2nd, 2008

Well I'm finally back home after a brutal flight back from what has grown to become my favorite ng event of the year.

I'll punch in a legit breakdown of the whole experience once I manage to gather up the hundreds of photos that need gathering.

In the meantime all i can say is thanks for everyone that made it out. This whole ordeal went off about as smoothly as I could have ever even imagined. Its kind of amazing how large this event has grown in the 3 times its been beta tested.


London Meet 3 Pre-Wrap up

Posted by Luis - August 25th, 2008

Rather than talk about all my flash movies that I SHOULD be working on. I'd rather more or less hype up this week for the site. It's rare when theres so much going during the same week anyway.

This week Tom takes NG over to the west coast aka Seattle, for the Penny Arcade Expo. Meanwhile i'll be going in the opposite direction gathering NG personel over in Europe for London Meat 3.

Both events seem like a good finishing touch on the summer of 2008.

Not only that, but the heavily anticipated Castle Crashers comes out on Wed.

My flight out happens to leave that same day but I was planning on taking the day off and downloading a copy and playin on X-Box Live with fellow NG personalities before I head out. My Gamertag is LuisNG. Feel free to addz0rz.

One day i'll have news thats actually worth reading! I promise.

Having fun going back to school!!! Lol.

Why not pick up one of them new Black Angry Faic shirts from the store?

I wish those were around back when i was in middle school... nothing could express how i felt going back to school more than a big angry faic in the middle of my shirt.

Insert controversial headline here

Posted by Luis - August 11th, 2008

Okay not really. But I was due for a fp post, Comic Con is waaaay over now. Anyway theres a few things going on.

First and foremost is that Sketchbook Tour 2008 entry turn-in phase, ends on August 24th.. if you have yet to get around to visiting your postal office.. now would be a good time if you are part of that project. That goes especially for international users. It takes roughly two weeks in some instances for it to make it to my hands. Plan Accordingly

I made some headway on getting the online version started while entries trickle back in. The neat thing about this year is that the shirts will be synced to the NG Store so if you so desire you can just get them through the new and improved store once they become available (and the new store is available for that matter). My guess is there will be a relatively low count of shirts that become available on the first run. I do this mainly cause the sketchbook tour itself is of limited scope and i dont want a ton of shirts sitting in my basement. Specially ones i cant fit into -________-

Speaking of which, I want to clear out the shirts from 2007, if you want one PM me, I'm going to get them out at $10.00 which I'll absorb the shipping on... so in some cases what youre paying me might cover the shipping. Its not really for profit anyway, i just want them out. I'm sure you've seen Tom and a few people wear em on a whole bunch of occasions. They are kinda rare and once these are gone they are gone foreverrrrrerererrr. Wether you participated or not I think is moot at this point, if you want to represent the community spirit of NG or you just want an NG-based shirt that not everyone already has then knock yourself out. I only have like 6 left so PM me with what size you need and I'll tell you if i have it.

That asside (yes i know i mispelled it), I wanted to also use this to plug two NG based events going on at different parts of the globe coincidentally on the same dates (thanks Tom for bumping heads with me)

You got Penny Arcade Expo going on August 29-31st in Seattle, Washington. Tom and his goons will be unveiling the MUCH anticipated (3 years anticipated) Castle Crashers XBox Live Game.

It's been a special journey watching that game come together at all sorts of NG-based gatherings that ive had a chance to attend to and I can confidently say that game is spectacular and has come a long way.

SIMULTANEOUSLY on the other side of the globe, I'm taking the NG caravan to the UK for the 3rd annual NG London Meet 3. Thats going August 30th, for more info click that link. This has grown to become one of the largest non-convention gatherings and I always look forward to it and in fact this year was a rare time when it happend two times on the same calendar year. (the first one was just my birthday party)

I assume Tom will have the stickam going for PAX, and i'll try and get another going for London meet so youll be able to experience third hand, two very different NG based events going on at the same time.

Lastly, I was going to bring back Pass My Flash this week, but its been too much shit going on and I may be wearing myself thin on this multitasking bullshit so for the sake of getting some sort of control back in my life, I'm going to just wait until September on that.

No Artist-of-theMonth this month either, again I'm in super busy mode doing a bunch of other shit and i'll have to make up for my routine tasks next month I promass.

for the sake of showing what the sbt 07 shirts looked like heres a pic of Fulp wearing one.

Nude Master Chief Pix here!

Posted by Luis - July 29th, 2008

UPDATED photos and webcam screenshots 08.01.08

I've been in the process of trying to get a hold of as many Comic-Con pics as I could and consolidate them into one place. Much like I did for NG Mod Meat 2008. Anyway with over 100 photos and a few videos, I felt like it was good enough for showtime!

If you'd like to donate anything, drop me a PM or comment below. You can check back on it occasionally and you might see a new photo or two, or maybe a new video.

The webcam area is not yet enabled. I'm still in the process of collecting screen caps from the Stickam feed. ENJOY THIS VIDEO from the Behemoth party. Blind folded drunk people and a 2x4... I particularly like how it went from laughing and having a good time to terror and screaming. lmao.

NG @ Comic Con 2008

/* */

Posted by Luis - July 28th, 2008

I'm still quite tired from a jam-packed weekend over at San Diego's Comic Con. I think this was probably my favorite of all my past appearances in San Diego. It was still just a blur, but I felt like I was able to leave with a greater understanding of other artists on the site which is what I wanted all along.

Much thanks to Tom and them for that Behemoth Party on Friday night. It had a really great ambiance.

I'm in the process of gathering pics and shit, so if you have any feel free to drop me a PM or comment below so I can dump them in with the rest of the ones that I've got and gotten from others. I'm hoping to have a photo gallery ready by the weekend. May be overly optimistic, we'll see.

Next Stop: London

Comic Con 2008 Aftermath

Posted by Luis - July 21st, 2008

This post is mostly a regurgitation of Rubber Ninja's but he stopped updating his cause hes on vacation and comic con goes by like such a blur, it would be unfortunate for people to not have run into someone they wanted to run into but didnt find out they were going till after the fact!

If you dont know what Comic Con is then go HERE

To view a live webcam of the NG booth and its visitors from July 24th-27th, go HERE

I SHOULD be able to have our hotel webcam going during the event.. maybe when the comic con shuts down for the day i can take over the camera and have it just point into the hotel room.. doubt we'll be in there a great deal but who knowzzz

ON TO THE LIST ...........
Tom Fulp

The Super Flash Bros
Blue Hippo

Rubber Ninja
Frosted Muffins
Almighty Hans
Tomorrows Nobody
Rob Heath
Atomic Noodle

If i missed anyone, let me know. Unlike Rubber Ross I'll actually update this :)

lmao this video still makes me laugh i feel it necessary to replug it. Its from Comic Con 2007

/* */

Posted by Luis - July 13th, 2008

I'm giving away $1 per day from now until Tom leaves for Comic-Con on July 20th. To participate in the raffle, all you need to do is post on here ONCE. I'll pick a random post everyday and send you a dollar! So pretty much today is the easiest day to win considering theres only 30 mins left! You dont have to deposit SHIT!


07.13.2008 - Todays winner was TheMexicanMuffinMan
You can see the screencap of the results here. Results

07.14.2008 - Todays winner is Funkycaveman
You can see the results here Results

07.15.2008 - Todays winner is KevnSevn
You can see the results here Results (yes i know i misspelled it)

07.16.2008 - Todays winner is LilG
You can see the results here Results

07.17.2008 - Todays winner is HoeLoe
You can see the results here Results

07.18.2008 - Todays winner is Tuckerfast
You can see the results here Results

07.19.2008 - Todays winner is GreenGiraffe
You can see the results here Results

07.20.2008 - Todays winner and grand prize $5.00 recipient is JoshuaDavies
You can see the results here Results

Win $1 from now till 07/20!

Posted by Luis - July 5th, 2008

Well i finally got around to finishing up the photos from the mod meat last weekend.

View it here

Ehhh heres a video from the stickam madness from the thread Live @ Mod Meat

It was supposed to have music and all these fancy things but fuuck thatttt this is straight out my shitty camera.

/* */

Posted by Luis - July 3rd, 2008

Every month I take an hour to pry into the lives of other flash authors. I then spit out our back and forth here on newgrounds and on my site! This month we meet


Luis says:
Greetings, it's a new month, which can only mean that errr it's a new month! ... and that i have another interview to release, today we are joined by Yotam Perel, otherwise known as LazyMuffin to us weblings. So without further ado, lets kick things off with a brief bio...
This is pretty much the only part people will read so try to be exciting to get to know!! What got you started in the flash scene? When did you start and have you made anything we might have heard about???

LazyMuffin says:
I started messing around with flash when my brother downloaded it in 2001 or so (I was 10). He showed me some animations on Newgrounds and I found it fascinating, especially Xiao Xiao who I still go back to for nostalgia. Even before I knew of flash I made little flip-book animations for fun.

Luis says:
Ah cool so its more or less in your blood to do this stuff. So I've interviewed artists from all over the globe, but I think you're the first one to come from Isreal. What is the flash scene like over there? Have you seen it change / evolve as time goes on or are you still more or less an oddity? I've always been fascinated how an artists environment might influence his/her work, do you feel your location or even your upbringing has affected your work in anyway? If so, how? Sorry thats at least 5 questions bundled into one, but Im paid on a commission basis!(JK)

LazyMuffin says:
After he showed me the program I made him teach me the basics and since then I've been playing with it. Once I got more familiar with Flash and got out of the stick figures stage, I got into animated music videos due to Tim Frommeyers great animations. As for my animations, you may have heard of my Nameless series. At lease I hope you did.
Did you? ):
The flash scene in Israel... to be completely honest, I have no idea. I haven't really gotten into the scene around here, if there even is one. I sometimes see commercials that are made with flash, but that's about it. Hopefully one day once I finish all of my social obligations I'll be able to get more into that.
I don't think that my environment influenced my work... I don't make any political satire or anything involving Israel really. It may surprise some people, but I live a very normal life in Israel, It's not constant bombing and fear as some may think. I go to school, watch movies and ride camels like each and every one of you!

Luis says:
So as you've previously mentioned, your claim to fame has been the Nameless series, in an attempt to dive into a slew of questions related to that, lets start from the beginning. How did that series come about? Are the characters loosely based on real life people and if so who?

LazyMuffin says:
The beginning of the Nameless series make me laugh since it was something so unintentional and retarded that people liked. It started when I was bored one day at the soft age of 13, so I decided to record myself. I ended up recording a stupid "sketch", the punchline was that Crippleboy was crippled and had a voice of a baby (Go here). I submitted it and it got (somehow) to the front page of Deviantart, so I just made more.
The characters aren't really based on anyone I know (I don't know any cripples or people made out of chocolate), I just try to make them outlandish and fun.

Luis says:
Why 'Nameless' anyway, do you have some sort of strategic masterplan for naming it 'Nameless', or was it just something that you decided on a whim? I THINK I already know the answer but indulge me....

LazyMuffin says:
The only reason I chose the name 'Nameless' is that I'm horrible at naming stuff; thus Crippleboy (A boy who is crippled), Chocolateman (A man, made out of chocolate), Chocolatelady (A lady, made out of chocolate) and Chocolateman'smom (I just never bothered to name her).
For a while I was considering changing the name of the series to "Sweet and Crippled", but it just wouldn't be the same.

Luis says:
Yeah it wouldnt be the same. Maybe it woulda been better. ZING. Ok so now that you're 6 volumes deep into the series and you've naturally improved over the years, both in your delivery and execution, how far do you see yourself going with the series. Do you see yourself introducing new characters / phasing out others / or maybe neither? How do you feel the series has changed as you've developed it over the years, do you think its stayed faithful to your original vision of it or on the otherhand are you more pleased by how it has strayed and gone beyond what you originally envisioned?

LazyMuffin says:
I'll go with the series as long as I feel it hasn't worn itself out. Once I really struggle writing and feel really unmotivated working with the same characters I'll probably end it. I don't see that happening soon though, I already have two more volumes planned for episode six, and from there I'd like to make shorter episodes in order to pump em out faster. I love playing with characters, so I can see myself adding characters, but Crippleboy and Chocolateman will always be the protagonists of the series.
I feel the series developed very well for something that started out as a joke. There was nothing to stay faithful to though, it started as just fun, and it still is. Only now It's fun that comes with a plot and not-only-random jokes.

Luis says:
Yeah, personally I think your series is finally beginning to pick up real steam now. It was like a pedal boat when you started it and now i see it more like a steamboat. Oh, here's a philosophical question which you are welcome to apply to the Nameless series if you wish... Pretend you had a time machine and you were able to take your skills today and go back in time and redo one of your pieces. Which one would you want a second crack at and why, or perhaps you wouldnt want to touch any of them in which case id ask why not?

LazyMuffin says:
I don't know if I would like to change anything. As much as I might not like some of the beginning episodes of Nameless, I like to keep em the way they are just because I love seeing how the jokes, the graphics and the voices change. ACTUALLY, I have a funny story regarding voice change: I started recording Crippleboy when I was about 13 and my voice hasn't changed yet, and once my voice changed I felt it's a whole new character, so I killed him off. That's why one of the episodes just start with Crippleboy being hung in his room.

Luis says:
Hmm I never considered puberty into the equation.... damn that opens up a whole new can of pubescent worms but i wont get into that. Easy transition time! Aside from the Nameless series what else are you up to?

LazyMuffin says:
For now, Nameless is the only thing really planned. But overall, I never know. If I think of some funny sketch, I write it down and animate it. If there's a song I feel I'd like to animate, I try and do some once in a while.

Luis says:
Oh speaking of not having a plan. I've actually been asked this a couple times and dare I say I have trouble answering it so for the sake of filling in other people who will undoubtedly ask AS WELL as filling ME in on how to respond... What is the RWD? What differentiates it from the usual stream of clocks, locks, star syndicate, kitty krew, jesus crew, etc. I made that last one up btw

LazyMuffin says:
Jesus Crew might be our spinoff crew.
The RWD started when I saw Nogfish's animation 'A KITTY CREW BEATDOWN' and commented about how I don't like them since most of their stuff are effortless loops like many of the crews you have mentioned.
I decided we should open a crew that only publishes quality spam, thus differentiates us from most crews. We also made up a silly background for the group that may take part in future RWD related animations. Were villains who create quality spam, That's about it.

Luis says:
Oh, that wasnt as complicated as I thought it would be. While you are in a flashback mood heres a question for you. So Back in 2003, when you got your start, artists were pretty much doing flash purely for the love of it (aka not getting jack shit in regards to compensation)... fast-forward 5 years and now we are in an age of sponsorings and ad-served opportunities, do you have any observations as to what sort of impact you've noticed in the flash scene as a result and more importantly what sort of impact do you see it making in the longrun?

LazyMuffin says:
I don't see the sponsoring as a bad thing, I think it's a good motivator since everyone loves money. I was sponsored by Newgrounds for Nameless 6 vol 2 and I just see it as a reward for all of the time I put into it, I don't think now that I'm sponsored I'll put less effort into it. From my point of view, It's all pretty the same, except changing trends regarding whats popular. It used to be violent games, stick figures etc and now it's, of course, game parodies. I don't see it making much of an impact, the people who put a lot of effort into their animations will get sponsored and continue to do so... then again, maybe I'm just being naive.

Luis says:
VERY naive of you. Anyway enough of that shit. Lets lighten the mood a bit! Name an animation you've enjoyed this past month and what you liked about it. We spend so much time talking about the interviewee in these things that it might be refreshing to plug something else that someone might enjoy!

LazyMuffin says:
To be honest, this month there wasn't anything that I really really liked. This month had a lot of game parodies and sprites which I'm also not really into. I really enjoyed 'sherry enema: #2' due to its quick witty humor and great timing. It reminds me of the radio stations in GTA, which I find hilarious. Also, 'Dollar' made me laugh. These picks make me look like I only like social satire... oh well.

Luis says:
Yes you are QUITE the social satirist (is that a word?) but whatever I'm not judging. Youre still fairly young, but have you thought about animation in terms of a career at all? where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years when i reinterview you.

LazyMuffin says:
Animating as a career would be ideal for me. I would love to do something where I can implement my writing skills and animating skills. A series of my own would be reaching for the stars, but I would love that.
Before I start working as an animator(if possible), I feel like I should have a crappy job for a couple of month's just so I can appreciate being able to animate for a living completely.
In 10 years I'll be filthy rich and will never let you in my yacht... or internet browser.

Luis says:
Well my toilet is currently backed up you are more than welcome to start your crappy job career there if you want. It would be for your own good of course :D
Ok laaaast question, may as well end it in contraversy... you mentioned you didnt care for game parodies.. want to elaborate on them, and how you do think they fit (or shouldnt fit?) into the flash animation scene?

LazyMuffin says:
I've been thinking about that lately and I'm finding it hard to come up with a conclusion. I was always into people making animations for fun and the enjoyment of others, and the game parodies do provide entertainment to a lot of people. On the other hand, I feel like it's almost too easy. The crowd loves it so they should keep going, but I think it lowers the standers for people who put a lot of effort into their animations. People copy (admittedly) Egoraptors style, which used to be rushed and poorly animated (HE SAID THAT!) and get a shit ton of views, while someone who may put a lot of effort into his animation gets a quarter of that. But it's the demographic, and in the internet, the demographic likes video game parodies. I try not to get frustrated though, there's no point. I can't change what the people like.
Although seeing three game parodies on the front page worries me, especially where one has been there for over a month but I can't do anything about it since that's what the people like.
My plan is to get some big gaming company to make a game based on Nameless, then my animations would be a sensation.
I'm a bitter, bitter man.


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